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Last Update: November 28, 2019

The other day I was assembling new desks for our office, you know the type that came in flat boxes with screws, etc. I set out to work putiing together the boards and screws and in no time the desk is done.

It was when I tried to move it that I noticed something was wrong. The desk did not hold together and it was wobbly. I am sure I srewed everything tight.

I went back to the empty box and found the installation manuel and begun to read it. I dimantalled the desk and redo the whole thing - following the instruction step by step.

It took me longer but the desk was now sturdy as a rock.

This reminds me how many times I skipped some parts of the WA training only to come back later to redo it.

I want to tell all the bginners (including myself) here that we must stick to the training eventhough we think we know better because we will be wating our time having to come back later and redo it.

Be patient otherwise you will end up with a wobbly website that has no solid foundation.



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JeffreyBrown Premium
Great analogy, Fred!

AlexEvans Premium Plus
That is sound advice, it can be tempting to race ahead.

Learning the processes step by step, is what sets us up for the rest of our journeys.
FOta Premium
Yes, I found out the hard way.