Is it possible to use the wa's mobile version, without ads?

Is it possible to use the wa's mobile version, without ads?

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WA Affiliate Program

I'm a premium member, and using the mobile version of WA, is becoming annoying with ads popping up almost every single minute. Is there a way to desactivate those ads in the ap

I have not heard about any WA app. Must be something else

I use WA without an app on my phone without any problems or ads popping up.

works perfctly fine.

Hi Hilde
See Andre's comment (Apache1).

Hi Felix
I am surprised because a while back there was a regular advert that was a nuisance (on iPhone) - I spoke with Carson, and Site Support got rid of it on mobile so I haven’t seen it for a while now.

In your shoes I’d reboot the phone. If that doesn’t clear the problem I recommend contacting Carson and/or Kyle and ask for a change.

Hi - if you are using a WA app, it is not an official app, it is not authorized. WA does not have an app, as the website is mobile-friendly.

Interesting Diane,
I’d not heard of a WA app?

yes, there was one advertised I think it started from a former member but was spam and like Dianne mentioned not approved by WA.
Here is an old post from 2016 about it along with Kyle's response to that

Thanks Diane. I'll uninstall it immediately.

Thanks Apache1.

Most welcome

Thanks Andre!

You are welcome Richard

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


I use my smartphone 99% of the time abd there are no ads on my side at all. In fact I find it better on smartphone than laptop 👍🏼

I believe you must have installed something that is giving you ads.

Chigs 🙂

The ads are not from Wa but how you have your mobile set up. You would need to disable the ads via your mobile you may need to look it up in google according to your phone type. You can also have an ad blocker installed on your mobile again depending on the type of Mobile you have.

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First website; choosing and setting up?

First website; choosing and setting up?

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Getting Started

Hello WA community,

Does anybody got so many confusing ideas about how to set up the first website? I need some clues on how to compress all the cumulus of ideas into a

Hi there FlxGo99,

I had to honestly smile when reading your question; many of us go through the same thing. That's one reason the newest upgrade has 50 sites. LOL

I looks like you're moving along nicely and meeting new people.


Here's your profile:

Here's the training: To answer your question:

When setting up your first website, Jump right in, don't be afraid to make mistakes, almost everything can be fixed, just read directions to each situation due to things rapidly changing in the online world.

As you progress through this business training and certification, each video will walk you through the process in order to help you achieve long term stability online.
Missing one component can actually cause problems.

There is no fast road to educating yourself on this website.

Everyone starts at the same place and as in life, works their way up according to what they've experienced.

I'm also looking forward to what you'll be writing about here on WA.

You're community is growing and it looks like you're moving right along.

Looking forward to see your blogs, life story, and success testimonial,


Thanks a lot Rita. I do appreciate your encouraging words and kindness.

Moving forward, I already did a test with my first website and make a post in it. I'm working now in two more post I expect to publish the next couple of days.

I'm taking your advise on those links you send me and making the best out of them.

Thank you, again and hope you get a wonderful week ahead.


Good to hear FlxGo99, keep up the good work and I'll be cheering you on. :-)


Thank you !!.

Follow the training lessons. Ask questions when needed. You're going to see all the information available on training programs.

HI Felix, the training takes you step by step on how to set it up.

Regarding columns, that's the look of the site, so that has to do with your theme. Check your theme options to see if they can allow you with less columns. If not, then you need to research for a new theme to use that will layout your site the way you want it. To do this, you need to go login to your site, on your WP dashboard go to Appearance > Theme > Customize, or when you're at Themes, you can search for new themes to add to your theme library and then activate a new one you want to use once you've installed it to your WP.


Thank you. I do appreciate your help.

You're welcome Felix, hope you find something you like to use.

Just click the Training button on the left and start at the beginning. It may seem totally overwhelming at first but when you follow the steps one at a time it all falls into place.

Thank you for your response. I do appreciate your help.

Welcome to WA!

Setting the website itself is a few easy steps that you will be shown once you start the training. However, your website must be dedicated to a niche you're interested in.

Thank you. I do appreciate your help.

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