In this way I'm going to get a porsche, I have make 891$ in a week

Last Update: June 05, 2019

I saw here in WA someone have post a blog, he has a commision from sale but is not from WA but other affiliate program and I learn about it and I entered in there website, for 2 days nothing I can't make any sale, and I read more about it why I can't make any sale, one of them help me, he has shown me how to make a sale and he says if you follow my steps, you will start selling and get commission and I follow his steps, he say do more merchant the more you do and publish in some of your website or get a link from them and post in social media in groups,pages and you will get your sale, I have added many merchants and I post from those with the highest commission in my website and in some group where have a million people and in some page I has and after one day sales began. I went to commissions higher than + 25% this is the sales begin to reach and the commission was perfect.

I cancel some of those merchant who has a commission low and is now going to the right way this is via Wealthy Affiliate.

If anyone doesn't know for what I'm talking is for ShareASale!

Thanks WA, from the day I entered here my life is going in adventure.

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JKulk1 Premium
Great thinking and well done. I have no doubt you will be successful. Jim
terrycarroll Premium
Great start Florentina!
May you prosper and you surely will, not because you have made this sale, but because of the way you hunted it down, recognising what you had to do to get better affiliate deals.

Well done you!

RAFStuart Premium
It is a start, well done.
Dale123 Premium
Just FYI, affiliate links are not permitted in blog posts here at WA - I noticed the link to shareasale you've submitted is linked via an affiliate ID.
Vickic3 Premium
Great results- well done