DropShip free for beginner seller

Last Update: May 29, 2019

Starting an eCommerce business can be a lot easier with the help of a drop shipping company like AliDropship.

Who have a shopping with wordpress and want dropshipping there are a solution Alidropship.

First is 50 product dropshipping from aliexpress.

50 product is enough for a beginner to increase their store if they have the success they can buy how much product they want to dropship depends on how much they have achieved from free products.

Above you have a photo showing how it looks like a "dropshipping"

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OrgainITGuy Premium
50 Free products? are you refffering to the FREE dropshipme plugin made by alidropship.
OrgainITGuy Premium
ah yes lol, that is what i meant, i am trialing the plugin a little now, its so easy to use.
Wilson26 Premium
Sounds great!
Pedrone Premium
yes! FlorentineH,
it's a good way to generate a passive income
which it's wort to give it a go!

also, the price is reasonable and you get all the Video training too,
and mostly they will build for you the Page with the best products toward your Niche!

they have three types of setting up:
one it's for the basic one for startup people
then the one to start to earn money
and the last one it's ready to earn money!

Also, you can buy the plugin only and that allows you
to insert links of their products of your choice to your Wordpress or any web builder platform, so you manage it yourself

I will consider purchasing the plugin
as you here at WA have the possibility as a Premium Member to
build many websites and each one being a different Niche
will target a more close interested audience in that particular field
and that's where you will have your blogs about it and the products
that you yourself can choose from Ali express,
for your denominate Website!
from Ali express
example Niche:
Baby clothes
Woman Fashion
Healthy Diet
and so on

Other then have 50 products or more all in one website.

Hope that it can help this my small writings about ALIDropshipping
Pedrone Premium
Ok, good! you are ahead of me
yenb Premium
how much does it cost to start a dropshipping or what's the process in detail? thanks.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Florentina, drop shipping is a viable way to enter the e-commerce space. Just like affiliate marketing we can sell and promote the products and service of other companies and providers without having to outlay for products, and shipping.

That image displays the flow, a picture can paint a thousand words.

Like all things online it can be about driving traffic to either your store or website, the processes as taught herein WA definitely help with that aspect.

" Who have a shopping with wordpress and want dropshipping there are a solution Alidropship."

Do you have a niche, orientated e-commerce presence, or a general e-commerce presence, operating from your website?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and best wishes.

SondraM Premium
How did you get customers to your dropping website?
Brenda63 Premium
I like this. Been researching this myself my fear is the tax war and shipping from China do you use the epacket for faster delivery? Some are crappy products. I need products that are authentic this is why I chose product genie haven't gotten that far into yet. Still researching. I do not know what millennials like to buy. I am a baby boomer born in the 60’s so selling to millennials will be a challenge for me.