Success is not only measured through Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: December 06, 2018

It has been the 3rd year since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Been extremely active for the first year building my blog but not so during the 2nd and 3rd year. Did I entirely detached myself from achieving my dream?

The answer is "NO"!

For the past 2 years, I was really busy delivering my duty in one Malaysian company that I worked for since 2011.

Yes, currently I am still under employment but it did not make me forget my ultimate dream of achieving time freedom.

As I acquired my knowledge through Wealthy Affiliate, I started another blog of mine to share things that matter to me.

This is a way for me to express my thoughts and sometimes disgruntment/happiness as I live through my life. Definitely one achievement that I acknowledged since joining Wealthy Affiliate despite not generating any income online.

This platform creates an authority for myself in digital marketing & innovation domain with whom I know through professional engagement. Some even pay me to build their blogs and managed their social media campaign.

That's how I earned extra income running a small business online. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

So, despite not being active building my blog, do I still continue to earn money through Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, the beautiful part of this platform is once you locked in your Premium Members, many tend to stick with you forever!

Despite not being active, there are still people signing up premium with me. Amazing right?

Guess this happens because I've been actively sharing of my older content through social media and sometimes PPC.

Success in Wealthy Affiliate should not solely be measured through how many premium members you can recruit, rather it should be viewed with a broader perspective.

Regardless, I still want to achieve my dream to Vegas and I am really putting in time and money into making this a reality.

I can't say I definitely can achieve it this year, but as long as a person doesn't give up, everything is possible.

I hope this article does provide some encouragement and motivation to those who want to succeed online. Cheers!

- Florence Ki

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