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Last Update: June 11, 2015

This is the first time I am writing about my experience here in Wealthy Affiliate Community.

It has been almost 2 weeks since I started premium on 29th May 2015. Guess my learning progress is slow that's why I am just reaching Affiliate Bootcamp Course 1, Lesson 3 whereby I've only completed "About Me", "Get Started" and "Privacy Policy". Slow right??? In fact, these write up are not good enough at all. Anyway, I am not bother about it, I "just do it".

Going through the lessons, the toughest I find was keyword search. This really slow me down. I am unsure which keyword really work for my niche. Then I decided to simply choose a few and try. Well, we learn by mistakes anyway.

So far I've pleasant experience with this learning community. People here are so helpful. I've tried PM, commenting and sharing blogs to my Facebook. This platform is simply sooooo...... "user-friendly". There's no single thing that I can complain about!

I am pretty impressed with the well-structured training lessons here. It keeps me busy but not overwhelmed. Tonight I will try to complete the last section of Lesson 3 and move forward. I promised!


Written by: Florence Ki

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JewelCarol Premium
Don't be too hard on yourself, Florence, building a website takes time, hard work and patience, do it step by step, you are doing fine. :)) I enjoyed the PMs you sent to me, lol. :))
FlorenceKi Premium
Thanks for the encouragement. I will make sure work life balance is still maintained.
MATISA Premium
Take your time. Do it step by step. Rome isn't built in a day, anyway.
SamiWilliams Premium
Your progress is really great, you are going faster than I am. The step by step guidelines give a chance to work with what you are learning. The time spent learning will pay off for you I am sure, and your understanding of being through in what you do is to your benefit as you grow your bu.
adaba063 Premium
thank you for sharing!

please be gentle on yourself -- you are learning a new skill set

it looks like you do manicures, when you first learned, did you know everything you needed to know,

or did you learn new things as you went along and did what you knew to do at that point

the same thing will happen here as you learn new skills

all the best as you continue to learn and practice and develop your new skills!
FlorenceKi Premium
Thanks for your encouragement. I will keep on trying. This type of learning really interest me. I love learning and believe life long learning is a must.
FlorenceKi Premium
Btw, I am good with manicure but am not doing this anymore. Now I just hope to share this knowledge with the community here. Hope you enjoy reading my manicure blog post.