My Success Story in Wealthy Affiliate after 1 year as Premium Member

Last Update: May 22, 2016

It's been 5 months since I last updated a blog in Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, I have tried to write some here but ended up write nothing as everything I wanted to share is already available on my blog.

For those who are not aware, I've been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost a year. Wow... time really flies. I wouldn't say I've done a lot for my blog but so far, I am happy with my progress. At least, I've finally wrote my first eBook on "Beginner's Guide to Blogging Success". This is really something I am satisfied and happy with.

This 55 pages eBook contains all my experiences and knowledge gathered in this one year blogging journey which other than what I've learned from Wealthy Affiliate, it also consists of other knowledge I've obtained throughout the journey.

Trust me, I've not only invested in Wealthy Affiliate but also other e-learning and marketing tools/software along the way. Here's the link to download free eBook on "Beginner's Guide to Blogging Success". I hope those who download this free eBook can also give me some comment below after reading it.


Throughout my 1 year journey, here are some interesting stuffs that happened to me.

1. My Facebook advertisement account was flagged and despite 4 times of appeal, Facebook still sent me automated rejection reply. Finally, I setup another FB account in order for me to place FB ad.

2. My Google+ and Twitter account was given warning for automated postings too frequently despite only using a global recognized social media tool, Hootsuite to automate these.

3. My referral to WA are mostly from personal connections (word of mouth). However, I still have new referrals coming from my blog and social media posts.

4. I was not credited for 2 premium referrals to Wealthy Affiliate despite my friend telling me that they actually clicked on my affiliate link to subscribe premium (sent official PM to Kyle but his reply is final). Trust me, my affiliate link is working perfectly alright. Despite this, I still trust WA is a genuine platform.

5. I've only managed to write 45 posts in a year. I consider this as my average performance. If only I can do better..... Fyi, I am still under employment and was given a new project to manage which took up much of my time. Will work harder!

6. I've yet to complete my Affiliate Bootcamp... lol. What a shame! But I am still working on it. Now I am at the stage of learning PPC. Wish me good luck.

7. I've got my ROI on Wealthy Affiliate for the 1st year investment and I'll continue to promote this great platform.

8. I've learned by identifying a few influencer of your niche and learn from them are important for your progress. WA is only a learning & community platform whereby marketing environment is always changing. Therefore, never depend solely on WA.

9. Finally, you need lots of patience and hard work to succeed online. Never give up as I am really seeing some results after a full year of hard work.

I hope this blog is going to give you some insights into what blogging is all about. Do PM me if you need any advice. I'll be glad to offer my humble opinion. Good luck to your online journey.

Florence Ki from Malaysia

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aloqwolf Premium
Awesome journey... thanks for sharing. Really inspiring. Ampang Selangor
darrenchong Premium
Hi Florence, i'm so glad to see you here in WA. Im from KL Malaysia. I had just downloaded your ebook and will definitely read it. Just joined WA last 2 weeks by accident and doing more research on becoming a premium member. Any advise from you? There is so much to learn from you and I wish you success. Stay in touch!
cash4ivy Premium
Hey Florence! Just wanna drop by to say, what an AWESOME job you've done. Keep up the great work and hope to hear more success stories from you.

Wish you great success!
FlorenceKi Premium
Thanks Anthony. Great to connect with a friend from China and hope you enjoy your learning here.
richrivera Premium
Thank you Flo.
FlorenceKi Premium
Great to know that you like this post. Do pm me if there's anything I can assist. Cheers.

Florence Ki from Malaysia
The Blogger who Loves Marketing Tools
wendyk Premium
It sounds like you are right on track Florence. By the way, I love your branding image that you are using on your eBook and profile image. Nice job! :)
FlorenceKi Premium
Thanks Wendy. I hope you find my eBook useful and if there is any eBook yout would want to read, do let me know so I can produce another one soon. Cheers!

Florence Ki from Malaysia