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I haven't seen a drop like this in a LONG time...But that's OK. Good thing I'm back and blogging and connecting again. Nothing like a break to renew and refresh and regroup.I also had news that an opportunity I was considered for unfortunately I didn't make the final short list but I received very positive feedback. Although it was a 'dream' opportunity, I am proud of myself that it didn't get me down. But I was able to focus on the positives of the experience and review what it is I actually d
100 blog post Challenge StallYes I'm off track somewhat but that's ok. It's even more of a challenge now but, not impossible (yet). So what happened?I was blogging regularly and then other areas of my life needed my attention and it was all about being 'on track' in other areas of life is why I allowed it. Ultimately I'm having a blast and even happier than what I was before?What happened?I began sailing againAm dating a lovely man, yes he's a sailor yay! Supporting my son in his goals Improvin
September 26, 2018
So blogging has hit a HUGE pause button this past week. Am I worried? No. Why?Although I have paused on taking action for my blogging goals particularly the 100 post challenge this is temporary. But I am or have:Taken time out during the holiday season here to rechargeEnjoying the sun coming out for Spring here DownunderThrilled the sailing season has started hereI already been on one ocean sailing cruiseGo on another sailing cruise all day todaySupporting my son with his sailing goals andHave
I almost forgot my Monday Motivation quote for the first time in 2 months! Why? I had the day off today. I loved it. But I truly could not let Monday end without sharing a quote for the week.What do you think about this week's quote by Abraham Hicks?
OK, so... on 1 September 2018 I decided to go for a 100 post Blogging Marathon in 122 daysEssentially between 1 September and 31 December 2018Here's the Update.Well I wasn't expecting it, but I have SOOOOO much to blog about! Far out... it's crazy... and my posts are getting to be epic in length (well compared with 300 words I used to write a year or so ago) they're now over 1500 words. But I'm going to smash out a few shorter ones in between to mix it up and also to pace myself. Maybe I just s
This week's Monday Motivation quote is more of just that a quote rather than an affirmation. However you could combine the two. But first the quote:"Invest in Yourself First" by Warren BuffettSpecifically with learning new knowledge on a daily basis. This is in alignment with all of us here WA that value quality education and developing ourselves.Therefore we could combine by saying as an affirmation:I am Worthy of Investing in My own Knowledge DailyWhat do you think?
I'm thrilled to have successfully negotiated a win/win outcome for a Professional Blogger that has just provided me with a Guest Blog Post on my personal blog - Yay!And I learnt it all here!I'm now motivated to get my guest blogging policy page finished and live. I researched it some time ago and drafted it but of course got distracted by life and the universe... so will sort that one out this weekend - yay!Plus I finally got my Grammarly affiliate account approved - I'm delighted because I jus
I'm delighted to welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) community, new member Ariella: am delighted to have found WA myself and would have loved the opportunity to join, learn, grow and evolve at a young age as Ariella has.Welcome Ariella, success here is absolutely possible. Check out one of the newest Super Affiliates in the community and I believe the youngest here: me in Welcoming Ariel
Initially when I received the email enquiry a couple of days ago I thought it might be spam. Aren't we all so suspicious of contact online? But it isn't and is a real, active, professional blogger - Yay! They are seeking a back link to their twitter profile in exchange for providing an article - Yay! Their article is good - Double Yay! I've tweaked it for SEO etc. But the best part about this whole discussion is I have felt confident in knowing what I'm doing in this whole conversation. That is
September 04, 2018
I couldn't help noticing that although I am not a Super Affiliate (yet) that I'm hanging with many of them here in the current Top 10 Blogs at WA today:Check out all the Super Affiliates old and new on this list?I am working daily to get there too. Keeping the Motivation flowing. Visualising Success and Feeling the Joy along the Journey.Co-Founders Kyle and Carson must be proud too to see so many Monthly Commision posts in this list alone! Rock on Super Affiliates!Watch this space... About to w