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Last Update: June 28, 2018

Ready to turn in

It's been a long day, I'm exhausted.It is 2 days from the end of financial year here downunder and I have a bit of pressure on and deadlines for tomrrow at work.

I have also just realised that I've got a redirect error on my website... need to 'deal with it in the morning'...

Just before turning in...

I check my email and I see that my new page and post I created last night have already ranked on Google. Yay.


With a smidge of energy from this positive, I check my ranking for this keyword... I have:

Page 1 of Google

  • 2 images listed for that keyword on Page 1 of Google
  • 2 videos listed for that keyword on Page 1 of Google and
  • My new post ranking on page 2

Woohoo that has totally made my night. Maybe not page 1 yet for my blog post but this sure is the closest I've ever been.

Persistance, Focus and Determination will get me to:

  • Ranking regularly on page 1 of Google
  • Attracting traffic to my blog
  • Converting to affiliate sales

Woohoo, let's go!

Now as I come down from my little 'high' I am turning in on this positive, ready to tackle it all again tomorrow.

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ontherise Premium
That's awesome! Nothing like seeing the rewards for your hard work! especially on a stressful day!

Keep climbing!
fleurallen Premium
Yes I had a great sleep so feel ready for the last working day of this financial year
RAFStuart Premium
Well done, it is certainly a great feeling.
fleurallen Premium
For sure!
AlexMi Premium
Bravo, hard work pays off.
fleurallen Premium
It certainly is beginning too makes it all worthwhile - exciting times
baritonetom Premium
Congratulations. May God continually bless you.
fleurallen Premium
Amen to that
MKearns Premium
Getting up there Fleur!
fleurallen Premium
Step by step Michael!!