Questions by Fleeky 151

Page is not mobile friendly in google : solution?
With the many updates google gives errors. Pages not mobile friendly.And…
5 days ago 58 Replies
Who has ever sold his website or domain?
If so, let us know what you did and how.Thank you💪Thank you for…
1 week ago 28 Replies
What is the best anti-spam plugin?
Allowing comments and users, you soon face a lot of spam.How do you handle…
2 weeks ago 26 Replies
What continent are you from?
We are from so many places around the world. It would be great to share…
2 weeks ago 291 Replies
How do you prepare for black friday?
Black Fridy is around the corner. what I do?Making some reviews, adding…
2 weeks ago 39 Replies
How would you define courtesy?
Courtesy is a difficukt word that Means 'good manners'...In the run for…
3 weeks ago 61 Replies
How do we copyright our text, images, audio and video?
Many of us Are creative writers, artists, podcasters and video creators.…
3 weeks ago 59 Replies
Are there others whose ip was blocked by wa for no reason?
One of my sites hangs. Impossible to view or login. After two days of…
1 month ago 56 Replies
How many creatives amongst us?
So many creatives joined us lately, wheter it be design, graphics, Dance,…
1 month ago 87 Replies
What was your biggest error in wordpress?
My biggest error in wordpress was :Not using widgets Not using menusthey…
1 month ago 40 Replies
What were your mistakes as newbie?
Most of us jumped in the training, website and affiliate links,. Didn't…
1 month ago 100 Replies
Why did you join the wealthy affiliate platform?
So many newbees lately, all eager to grow their own business.Perhaps a…
1 month ago 153 Replies
Loosing connection with server, others?
Lately I experienced trouble accessing my sites and was interupted working…
1 month ago 64 Replies
How to use images in blogs?
Many of us use sitecontent, since it gives free access to a database of…
1 month ago 44 Replies
Where are you stuck at this moment?
Many of us here are stuck somewherePerhaps we can share that here and…
1 month ago 112 Replies
Is there a way to comment?
Each time tried, it says there are no comments left.And when asking for…
1 month ago 72 Replies
Recurring problems with all in one seo plugin. others?
pro or free... each time all in one seo updates... (far too much ) most…
3 months ago 42 Replies
Paid membership, what is the best option?
A plugin Or A theme And if so, which ones and why ? Thank you!
3 months ago 16 Replies
Can we use cloudflare for our sites?
And redirect dns to cloudflre servers?Ps: Anyone using their api keys?
3 months ago 18 Replies
How to remove render-blocking javascript from your website?
Testing your site for speed, you might run into this error: render blocking…
4 months ago 42 Replies
What is your favorite,autoresponder? and why
Is anybody using creative campaign?
4 months ago 62 Replies
How do you add expires headers?
Expires headers let the browser know whether to serve a cached version…
4 months ago 6 Replies
How to get rid of that dummy uncategorized category?
You know... when setting up, the only category is “uncategorized”1.…
4 months ago 26 Replies
Use of language related to the use of arc and arch?
When looking up both definitions, it seems arc and arch are used one for…
7 months ago 34 Replies
Connection errors on plugins? are there others?
Are there others having connection problems with their plugins? Thank…
8 months ago 17 Replies
I have still an unpaid file.?
With cash changes lately here on wa, I still have an open unpaid request.…
8 months ago 6 Replies
Can we ask site comments & feedback in other languages?
Many of us, have a different native mothertongueIs it possible to ask…
8 months ago 22 Replies
Can we use sitecontent images to write an ebook?
Can we use the images provided by Sitecontent,when we write an ebook?…
9 months ago 54 Replies
Can we downgrade from premium?
Some questionsA lot of members give up on their premium. Can they downgrade…
9 months ago 26 Replies
An error using the amazon api ?
When trying to add products through the api , this error occurs: efficiency…
9 months ago 14 Replies
Are there others having problems with referrals?
I had a sign upAnd the referral went to an unknow profile hereJust wonder…
9 months ago 41 Replies
Are there others having problems with robot.txt ?
Lately robot.txt is generated by waHowever, the reference to my sitemap…
10 months ago 2 Replies
The ghostly notes: are there others?
Typing a response and saving, it dissapears and leaves blank. Are there…
10 months ago 5 Replies
Problems with posting images in blogs and training in wa?
Are there others facing this issue?I am unable to post images in blogs…
11 months ago 22 Replies
Are there others with speed problems?
I noticed a speed drop on most of my sites. Also on sites of other wa…
11 months ago 49 Replies
What happens if I die tomorrow?
If I die tomorrow, what happens to my sites and blogs...? Will they be…
1 year ago 98 Replies
Are others having lowered speed on their websites?
I have one wEbsite, that keeps giving problems.It uses the devi themes.…
1 year ago 17 Replies
Is there a way to add audio to a wa blog?
I wOuld like to share a self made mp4 arrangement of bank of the roses...…
1 year ago 17 Replies
What can you do to motivate yourself?
When there is no result despite your efforts.One week out and all goes…
1 year ago 28 Replies
What is best to do when redirecting a site?
Go to google analytics and delete .Or just leave it like that?
1 year ago 7 Replies
Is there a place where we can sponsor wa members?
Not all are fortunate, it wOuld be great to have such a place...Other…
1 year ago 24 Replies
Are there others affected by the mcafee blacklisting?
Or am i the only one?Submitting my site here :…
1 year ago 54 Replies
Are there others affected with outdated versions?
Checking site here, it is not only blacklisted…
1 year ago 45 Replies
Using comments of others to add your affiliated links?
With the new comment tool, i noticed some use my comments to highlight…
1 year ago 66 Replies
Is it possible to offer a subscription to wa ?
Some of us are less fortunate.Is there a way to offer a black friday subscription?And…
1 year ago 15 Replies
How to make your facebook page gdpr compliant?
Many of us have a facebook page. How do you make it gdpr ompliant when…
1 year ago 9 Replies
Why do not all trainings show up?
Only part of my trainings shows up... are there others?And if so, how…
1 year ago 19 Replies
What are the copyright rules for pinned pictures?
When setting up blogs we use images from different provenance. CAn people…
1 year ago 36 Replies
How to unblock a user in pm?
Seems like i hit the wrong button...
1 year ago 12 Replies
Why are some trainings labeled uncategorized?
Classroom>uncategorized> your trainingHow can this uncategorized…
1 year ago 8 Replies