Wordpress 5.9

Last Update: Jan 28, 2022

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Wordpress 5.9

This wordpress update is a major update that comes with many changes, improvements and new features.

It raises the question for many should I update or not.

The answer is not so simple. It depends on your actual theme, and if it supports Full Site Editing (FSE) , simply called block themes.

What are the main Improvements at first glance?

  • Performance is better
  • Pattern library is integrated
  • The new wordpress theme 22 is a block theme
  • The UI UX improved a lot
  • FSE allows full customizing

How improve your workflow with FSE?

To understand that better, let us look at the new features in the latest Wordpress 22 theme.

  • The list view is extended making it a nice page builder experience with symbols. You can collapse the lists as well and move around.
  • The blocks improved a lot as well. Example buttons. Style, alignment, color, borders, default options and plus options that can be added to typography, padding, margins.
  • The inclusion of the pattern library, with prebuild blocks ready to be copied with the explore option. Same for features, ...
  • The many new block themes are absolutely smashing : title, logo, lists, content, categories... allowing more control of your design and layout.

FSE full site editing... is now possible in your Gutenberg block editor...

And that is HUGE!

  • Customizing in the past wordpress happened mostly trough appearances of your themes. In wordpress 5.9, there is no customize anymore and customize only works with block based themes. If you use old themes... Your theme will not support the new editor of wordpress 5.9

If your running theme is not block based supporting FSE, you are stuck.

It is up to you to seek what is best for you. If you want to stick to the old for now (we are still in beta with this new version) , do not upgrade.

If you want to adapt to the new improvements, just upgrade. And before doing that. Make sure your theme is a block theme and supports the new wordpress FSE .

  • The new editor is the new appearance. You can edit whatever you want now. No longer stuck to formats. You have real time editing.
  • Your entire site is adapted with one strike.

Widgets and menus have disappeared as well in the new block theme for the same reasons. Meaning you edit your whole site with one click

Powerful, right?

  • Forms can be set to your likes as well. The new building blocks of FSE
  • The global styles can be formatted as well. With layout on top of it besides typography, colors, fonts.

Just one place to manage your site and customize your own colors as well with specific palettes and gradients.

Everything becomes easy, quick to manage and simplifies and unifies a lot.

  • The layout feature allows you to redefine all styling of all your blocks!
  • The templates in the new 22 theme can be redesigned as well.

A dream for many... a nightmare for others.


Make a test site (sub domain) and test those new possibilities if you are not sure.

And remember without a block theme the new editor won't Work.

It is worth waiting then for later updates... before jumping into wordpress 5.9

Thank you for likes, shares and comments

Your experience so far with the updates?
Mine was that some plugins and themes are not ready for this and turn your site into blizzard.


I don't want to freighten none, better think before you jump and if you do,
BACKUP your site first!

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Recent Comments


I updated to the 5.9 version because I use GeneratePress pro and Elementor pro. Wordpress is the simply the system I use.

Thanks, Fleeky, you presented a few things I'll have to go back and look at to see if I noticed.

I wonder, was there any info about what or how these changes would affect the current theme?

The need to change themes is a huge development that we needed to be notified about.

Thanks for the heads up!


I agree, Rudy! It's like "one step forward and two steps back" all the time! How can anyone keep progressing with all the incessant distractions?


If your theme works, it is ok
Just know that the new Full Site Editing (FSE) only works with themes that support blocks, like the new wordpress theme 22

So far, I haven't had any issues.


No,worries then
Just know this is a major update
A shift as they say

Is there any other kind these days, Fleeky?

Just when you get rolling, they seem to completely change the game!


Yuk indeed

Yep, my friend!

Sooooo tiring...
Using energy for what?

Indeed, only to essentially start all over again in some cases, Fleeky!


Excellent, confident, WP update post, Fleeky.
Thank you.
By confident, I mean I presume this means you found the solution to the problems you found.

Yes... some themes and plugins are not ready..
so caution with update if you are not sure

Thank you,for the heads up

You're very welcome.

Thanks for letting us know, I just updated mine and I didn't read into the updates...Thanks again dear friend!

Glad it worked out fine!

Hi, Fleeky

Thanks for the update!

For GeneratePress/GenerateBlocks users there is a planned release for an update sometime next week to correct FSE issues.

I would check directly with your theme provider before upgrading to the new WordPress version.


Yes... prudence, caution and patience...

This is a major update, and probably followed by a lot of corrections indeed in the next weeks


Thanks for the update, Kyle.


Welcome Paul

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