What is synchronicity about ?

Last Update: November 15, 2019

What is synchronicity about ?

According to the definition of Merriam Webster synchronicity is:

'the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (such as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality —used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung'

We all know the example of synchrone motors, synchrone swimmers, synchrone flying airplanes, synchrone flights of birds.... the examples are many fold.

Strange how synchronicity is starting to flow on the wealthy affiliate platform. Did you notice?

Many of us writing around the same items at the same time... Being buzz with the same things... in different places. A powerful stream! Like an echo coming from all parts of a powerful mountain


Or is it more?

Thank you for liking, shares and comments

All coincidences have a meaning... a mirror that reflects your life in a particular way... try to connect more deeply and understand...

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AlexEvans Premium
I have pondered writing this comment, but hey what the heck.

We can be synchronous with our own projection, goals, aspirations
our own life becomes that second nature, that space where we exist, it is unencumbered.

A perfect and worthwhile life to live, one that is lived on its own terms, with its own terms of reference.

That is something to strive for, as we know with life there are many twists and turns along the way.

Everyone seeks out a natural state of existence.

When we look at the example that you provided, someone writes a post, it gets engagement, someone else writes a post, it gets engagement and then someone else covers the same topic. They are seeking engagement.

We want to become synchronous with the group, people want to move to the natural state.

There is no coincidence.

If we look at synchronicity it holds that events are "meaningful coincidences" if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

In this case, there is a projection and a desired outcome, so the intentions are related.

That was the diplomatic speak, the simplistic version is that people just copy what works.

That is why we are here in WA we are copying a tried and tested formula. Although many get lost on the way through.

It works.
Fleeky Premium
It works indeed.
And all explanations try to grasp reality
But beyond?

Thank you for sharing
Jaspar8 Premium
Lovely little blog Fleeky.
Synchronicity is something that is ever present in all of us and it is there whether we notice it or not. It has been happening a lot in my life recently and it is something I have noticed and tried to take a little bit from it each time.
I do believe there is something out there in this universe that is showing us signs about connection and the power of the energy that connects us all and all living things.
There is a great book that opened my eyes to all of this, about energy, connection and direction. While the book is fictional, I believe it was written with real value to all of us as the underlying meaning and a tool we can use in our life as to how we can take action. And it’s all about synchronicity and chance being ever present.
For any that would like to read it, it’s called “THE CELESTINE PROPHECY” by James Redfield.

Have an amazing day all

Fleeky Premium
Awesome book indeed... thank you for sharing
Sid you read his second book? The follow up?
Jaspar8 Premium
I do have his other books in the series, but have not read them as yet.
I read the Celestine Prophecy many years ago, but just recently repurchased it along with all the others, as I had a "coincidence" moment which brought me back to the book. So its on the cards to have a read of them all, as the first time I read it, it opened my eyes to a new perspective.
Fleeky Premium
Yes... they are awesome as well...
You will not regret reading them!
Just a chap a day

RosanaHart Premium
Here's an example of synchronity that I used in my most recent memoir: In the 60s, synchronicity kept coming into my life even before I knew what it was. One year I lived in southern Spain (Nerja) for about a year with my boyfriend of that era. When we went back to the US, we stayed a few days with relatives of his in New York City. As he and I walked past the main New York Public Library, we encountered another American couple who had been friends of ours in Nerja earlier in the year.

As for synchronous WA, it seems that when I need to know something, it often pops up here!
Fleeky Premium
Yes, so true! A mirror highlighting an aspect of our own life indeed... Happens a lot, once wE start giving it a closer attention
Linda103 Premium
I have noticed it too. We are all synching our thought patterns maybe. Or seeing one sparks the ideas for something similar.
Or we all need to know a particular thing and reinforcement is the best way for it to be learnt and stay.
I go for the last one.
Fleeky Premium
Remains a mystery to me, hard to explain...we can observe it
Thank you for trying...
Stanleycmng Premium
Coincidence when it happens exactly the same time. Part of brainstorming when we work on each other’s effort. Sometimes ideas come easier when we build them of each other.
Fleeky Premium
Hi Stanley,

Yes timing is another major quality of synchronicity. It emerges from the same creative force indeed. And the group that ignites it, is rather exceptional... not just a common one.

Thank you for adding an important dimension!