Tip 67 : the dashboard in wordpress

Last Update: Sep 18, 2018

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The dashboard in wordpress

The dashboard in Wordpress is the stirring wheel of your website. So it is essential for you to know its functions and to understand how it works.

Adding themes and plugins will alter the basic layout. Since some of them have their 'own commands'.

Let us have a look at the dashboard

Once you log into your website, Mine in this case, It looks like this window with my specific theme and plugins:

On the left you have several commands. Some (Bloom and Extra) are related to my theme which is Devi, one of the elegant themes. We will not comment them since they are specific to my theme. So, you normally do not have these. But your theme may well add commands for theirs.

You will also notice the all in one seo plugin. Which once activated shows up here for your convenience.

I will extend on the basic commands in several short and simple trainings.

On the right, you are informed of the new Gutenberg editor. It is a little more complicated than the classic editor, since it allows better formatting, of your text and layout. You can install this if you are familiar with editing of text. If not... the classical editor will do perfect..

2 lesser known commands

How to use menus in Wordpress

How to use widgets in wordpress

Up to you now

So many great WA training all around. Pl. Feel free to add yours...

To your success

Thank you for liking and sharing your questions and insights

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Hi Fleeky One!
Thanks again for more great tips. There is so much to learn but it is fun!

So mich i got entangled in it

Thanks for the share Fleeky, always appreciated.

Thank you for telling me

It appears confusing but you make it clear and easy. This training is helpful to me. Thanks, Fleeky.


Glad you like it Maxine
Struggled a lot before it was clear to me
Not that difficult

What could be difficult for You?
You are supper. Oops, I mean super.
Don't get linked!!
Hashtags. Just having fun.


Uh uh

Go girl you go

What do you mean by don't get linked?

Remember the post , link bait ?

Hey Fleeky,
Thanks for the training!!! This is helpful!!!

Tried and True


To you

Hi Fleeky

Thanks for the tip and the training. I have missed most of your tips, but I intend to look into them as the need and time allows.

Forever Grateful

Oh well... just as they come...
Thank you Mojalefa
Have great days

Hi Fleeky
Thank you for Tip 67 like the others I will go over them again
Much appreciated

Thank you David.
Sandra is ok

Hi Fleeky
This reply is super fast really Fast
I am so pleased the Sandra is Fine .Thanx for the News

Yes David great news indeed!
Could not wait to tell you

I cut my teeth on WordPress before I joined WA

Many of us...

I have found that changing themes in some cases do not move "all" menu functions. Is this something I am doing wrong or overlooking?

Yes... very important questions.

Changing themes affects both menus and widgets. Hard to predict. Only basics remain, and even then all is often shuffled in a wrong way. In the Idgets panel of the left, you often find your lost ones under unused wIdgets... as for the menus, yes, you must chedk them also if related to widgets.

Thank you for asking Donnie

Changing themes is not straightforward. It would be good to build a database of positive migration experiences. Switching from Primer to Heropress was a complete mess. (It was suggested by Site Support to help debug a problem with my site loading a blank page - it was resolved later with a different solution.) I had to switch my theme back to Primer or face loads of editing. Even my font selection was lost. Reminds me also to instead focus on building content :)

Absolutely true
Avoid if you cn
Can be very messy
And your example illustrates well

Thank your for sharing
Great warning indeed

Thank you Fleeky.


Welcome Derek
Hope it sheds some light

Thanks Fleeky. I use elegant themes as well.


Works well with pc
Which one is your favorite

Using other great themes as well...

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