Tip 151 TO learn by DOING

Last Update: October 31, 2020

To learn by doing

Learning is a process that takes time, effort and aptitude.
A theory that needs practice.

It is not enough to know

Knowing unknowingly
Unknowingly knowing

There is much more than books and training
and it is called reality.

What is my point?

Learning is not only a rational, theoretical process.
It is a dynamic process where we put into action what we learned.

One of the best and easiest ways is by imitation.
Look how others did and imitate.

The training provided by WA is mainly funded on imitation.
Just imitate. That sounds easy, but it is not.
We always want to add or subtract something...

The best way is to learn by doing...
follow the training,
bring into practice and imitate until you master the process.
And seek help when stuck.

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Other learning keys?

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CPapin Premium
I'm glad to read you, especially since you give good advice. For 3 months I was a bit disappointed and I tried to make at least 2 posts a month. I hope it will be better in the future. My luck is that I still like WA. Kyle announced some changes, I hope it piqued my interest. I wish you and your husband good health. I hope he's better now. Carmen
Fleeky Premium Plus
Hi Carmen...
ups and downs
For all of us
And life coming in between
Keep up,at your pace
And let us know when stuck
BrendaMZ Premium
Other learning keys points are:,

1. Don’t ever give up when trying to build your online business.
2. Ask for help on here at WA first before trying to cancel membership.
3. The “shiny object syndrome” doesn’t exist, this business is for the long term.

If we practice this learning points it will help us to be motivated to think positive.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Those should be pinned!
Awesome Brenda!

Thank you for adding!
Love your insights!

Is your website going as you like?
BrendaMZ Premium
My website been neglected. Tsk tsk at me. No really, its due to my health issues. I am working on it. It needs to be revamped, that's for sure.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Oh my.... keep track!
If you want me to have a look at it?
If that can help

We all get stuck somewhere
BrendaMZ Premium
I will let you know when I am ready. I do not use Generate Press (GP). I use a different theme from MyThemeShop called Schema and Splash. I used to have GP Pro but I didnt like it. I switched to Schema because it already has the schema mark up build in it and is fast for SEO. I do not use AIOSEO. I use RankMath that works well for my theme. It just needs more articles in it that's all. I will keep you in mind also keep Site Feedback in mind on your other blog post.
Fleeky Premium Plus
That sounds great!

Just pm me, when you feel ready
BrendaMZ Premium
But for sure my site does have the disability plug in that you recommended for me to install and I did that. Hope that will help you to be able to see.
Fleeky Premium Plus
FKelso Premium
You are so right. Every time I learn something new on here, I need to try it out; use it; otherwise, I forget how. Learning by doing fixes the process in your mind.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Rehersal is the most powerful tool...
Using it a lot lately...