Tip 140 : target your audience

Last Update: November 27, 2019

Target your audience

  • Ever seen an archer shooting randomly?

    And Why?
    The arrows are too precious to be wasted.
    The archer aims for a target.

What is my point?

Just like an archer we need to focus on targets. And they can be manifold.
One of the most important ones is our audience. The people we want to reach, to read our blogs and visit our website. The people we want to work with. Not just random shoots. Not just random people.

Just wonder:

  • Who is my audience? Whom do I want to reach? Keep that person in mind. Is it a cat lover or a book lover?
  • What is my message? What content do I want to deliver? Is it entertaining, informative or sales talk?
  • When is the best time to reach out? Spring is not fall... do not sell donuts in a hot summer.
  • How do I reach my audience? What tools am I using: text, images, video messages, podcasts, instant messages, ... or a bit of all that. Branding your message is key here. Keep the same style. And hook them.
  • Where is your target besides your website? It is on the web, and social media are the best way to reach them. Use trending and hot keywords that match your niche and audience. Try your local market first.

Sounds easy?

Well it is not. Takes time and effort to hit the mark!

Thank you for liking, shares and comments

What is your audience and how do you target it?

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AlexEvans Premium
It can be so easy to get caught in the middle wide-eyed and blankly staring into space. Without that concept of reaching out to a specific crew, our energy dissipates long before the arrow travels the distance it needs to reach its target.

Blind writing will never create the opportunity to feed and clothe you. We all need to become systematic about the way we create and reach out if our words do not resonate, then the audience will move on to find relevancy somewhere else.

Great post, Fleeky, and you have presented a checklist to contemplate, the answers would make a fine blueprint that could be used with precision moving forward.

Fleeky Premium
Thank you Alex
timstime20 Premium
Yes we all need to have a better idea about who our target audience is...
when we do we will all be better at marketing then
Fleeky Premium

Yes... seeking target and finding takes a while too
Adriana19 Premium
I agree about how to Target your audience. You just got to know what your audience likes and goes for.
Thanks for another great post, Fleeky.

Fleeky Premium
Yes... takes a while to find out.
exgrosteve Premium
Hi Fleeky, Thanks for Tip 140, looking forward to Tip 141. Planning our time and the effort that's going to be required is essential too if we're going to hit the targets. Have to be sure those arrows aren't blunt :-)
Fleeky Premium
Hahaha yes...
And the distance not too far
And the wInd not too hard
exgrosteve Premium
Just have to take the distance and wind into consideration and adjust accordingly :-)
Fleeky Premium
You know!
Stanleycmng Premium
Yes, the more we target, the less energy we waste. However, some may argue that would mean we end up with a small audience.

We can cast a net and get a lot of fish that we don’t need and they don’t find our content relevant or get a small audience with high relevance.

The answer is in conversion rates. With the former, low conversion rate and the latter, targeted audience higher conversion rates.

- Stanley
Fleeky Premium
Yes, absolutely Stanley
That is the message...

Just know conversion rate demands repetition of the message as well...

Thank you