Tip 142 market your self

Last Update: January 20, 2020

Tip 142 market your self

This applies to a personal business in the first place.
Marketing your self is not selling your self.

What does it mean?

It is about you in the first place, your service, your product and your audience.
What is your message and whom do you target on the long run?

Make a list with:

  • Your story (be personal)
  • Your assets (be professional)
  • Problems you can solve for others (your solutions)
  • How others see you (type of person you are)
  • Your niche

Once you have got the picture, brand it:

  • Your logo
  • A theme adapted to your niche
  • Your color palet
  • Your editorial rules for content when blogging
  • Images that boost your content and branding
  • Your social media presence
  • Your mailing list
  • Your landing pages

Once done, you need to find affiliate products or services that resonate with you

The rule is simple. Be you, always be you. Do not copy others.

Thank you for likes, comments and shares.

How do you market your self?

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Thank you for the useful tips, Fleeky. How do I market my online assets?

Well, it wasn't easy at first. Following the training with Kyle I learned about how to open various social media accounts like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

However, I never really knew how to make them work for me then. So, I just lost interest in using them.

Just recently, I stumbled upon one of our affiliates, Jefferybs, who offers free mentoring and I have been following all of his business tutorials that offer refreshing social media strategies.

The concept of working as a team resonates all of his tutorials and I encourage those who are having trouble with traffic, advertising, choosing affiliate programs and social media to have a chat with him.

So far, my stats aren't where I want them to be on my business pages, but there has been a marked improvement. That means his tips work.

Here are some tutorials below: Long story short, I market my online assets with social media business links and Google For Business.

Have lovely day.

Blessings always,
Maxine :)
Fleeky Premium
Thank you for sharing sound advice!

The hard thing is to find how to monetize our site

Blessing Maxine!
My pleasure.....it is true learning how to properly monetize site is hard. Most of use affiliate programs and ads, both of which present some problems for affiliates.

For example, some affiliate programs commission rate is too low. On the other hand, some ads cause your site to have a high bounce rate. How do learn how to balance these things?

You make sure to select affiliate programs that can sustain your gials. Also, you take control of ads by placing them where you want them to be. Learning to do these things comes with training.

Another aspect is traffic. You could have well paying affiliate programs and well placed ads, but without decent traffic your chances for earnings are slim.

I am speaking from personal experience. Since about August of 2018, I monetized my site with Amazon and ShareASale. To date, I have made less than $10. I monetized my sites with Google Adsense since April of 2019. To date, I have made $98. Why? Traffic sucks.

So, yeah...knowing how to monetize sites and get traffic are hard tasks to accomplish. Right now, I am doing what I can to improve by using better affiliate programs, thinking about changing to Media Net, advertising my businesses and using social media strategies.

Maxine :
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Fleeky,

Now that is a good question and I am not sure how to answer.
Over the 3 years, I have experienced a type of evolution, thanks to my websites I have become more aware and also more green.
Your list is very good and I think I do quite a few things.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

Fleeky Premium
Good evening Taetske
Thank you for sharing your daily struggles!
Refining over and over,,, and improving where we can...
Seeking a workable theme is essential in the proces...

Greetings from the North
Jenny28 Premium
Great advice Fleeky, always be you!
Fleeky Premium
Always Jenny!
Ahimbe Premium
There are some things I had not given importance to that I find on your list.
Thank you for awakening me.
Fleeky Premium
Always useful to follow a map...
israelis Premium
Thanks for this very informative and important post.
Fleeky Premium