Time in DC

Last Update: Jan 27, 2022

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Time in DC

DC stands for direct current.
The electric flow from the negative pole to the positive one. To do so, it needs a load .

Time in DC becomes decision time... time to change from negative flows to positive ones! To put in some work or action.

For many of us, the moment comes where we need to make a decision, an important decision to move on for better.

  • After discussion of ideas, one has to be picked up or refined
  • After study, an answer imposes
  • According to the weather seeds need to be planted
  • After patience, fruits have to be harvested ...
  • ...
    The list is long and we all have our own circumstances...

Think about what is right for YOU, not only in the short run, but also in the long one

  • Clear your mind and life from clutter, it soaks.
  • Learn and be informed. Do not clinch to one source (yuk the propaganda and brainwashing)
  • Evaluate the pros and the cons.
  • What falls under your authority, and what does not.
  • Are there others implied?
  • Never harm.
  • ...

What is my point?

Many of us are at a turning point of their life.

Due to health issues, loss of jobs, changing bosses, hardship of all kind, dead of loved ones... heritages, accidents, ... the list is long. We all have ours.

You can not sit still and wait for the skies to fall upon your head or hens to lay your eggs... you need to ponder and seek the best solution, response, action in your given situation.

Do not fight nor flee, nor froze.
Just face your problems and solve them, one by one.

It takes time... and once you do ponder, the answers will fall into place.


Be not hasty, nor emotional.
You will regret later.
Choose your time wisely.

Decision time. Time in DC!

It is not an Electra choc that kills you
It is a gentle current that enlightens you and lifts you up .

Thank you for likes shares and comment

What was the hardest decision you ever took?

Mine was to get rid of some books.


Stay within your budget. Make no debts

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Hey Fleeky,

You hit the nail on the head with this sage advice.

Whether we like it or not, we are in control of our lives more than we realize.

Glad you mentioned the debt thingy.

4 years ago I made a decision to get rid of my debt. It needed a plan. I gave myself four years to conclude this goal.

I am happy to say that in February, I will have paid up all my debts, except the mortgage. But I was 2 months behind with the mortgage and was able to get current.

In order to meet my goals, I had to develop a plan. And I had to stick with it.

Thanks for challenging us to take charge of our lives and use our time wisely for the better.


Thank you for sharing EdWin

So much falsehood around debts...
faced to so much tragedies

It needs to be managed properly
Glad you were able to overcome

People too often think money solves problems
(Often for luxury needs they do not even have)
whereas counting and saving and comparing prices
helps a lot not to rush in expensive decisions...

Wishing you well
Stay steady

"Pause when agitated or doubtful" .
This helps me stay out of all sorts of trouble.
Crisis forces a decision, but are you you always in crisis? Some folks are.
Proper planning and perspective as to what's going on around you helps, too.
Right now the World has been in a world of change. Accept that, and we can go with the flow a bit easier.
Pausing allows me to go direct current:)
Thanks, Fleeky.

Direct current indeed Barb

In order for those electrons to get from the negative terminal and back to the positive, Fleeky, they must first pass through a load. Otherwise a short circuit would exist. Whatever the load is, when the current passes through it, work is accomplished. That may produce light, heat, sound, or some other "accomplishment".

To liken that to your "point" in the post, in order to become more positive we must first accomplish some kind of work. We can not do that by focusing on the past. We must "work" on something that will improve our's or someone elses life.

The "stay within your budget" is also very important as we transgress from negative to positive.


Feaured comment
It needs some load indeed...

Thanks for the add!


Just edited blog and added the load. Better now?

Great share Fleeky.

Thanks for giving the advice as to how we should see on things in life. :)



Yes... move on
Future is ahead


Most definitely!


Needs some imput also, or output...

I think I know what you mean. ;)


A oui ! Tres bien et jolie ! Merci 😊

Bonjour! Belle journée


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