Themes for wordpress

Last Update: Aug 9, 2019

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Themes for wordpress

Having a good theme is a basic need when using wordpress.

But what is a good theme and how do you find one among the millions out there?

A good theme has

  • good reviews
  • a lot of downloads
  • Recent updates

A good theme is

  • Responsive
  • Mobile ready
  • Speedy
  • User friendly
  • Related to a professional theme or theme builder

A good theme can be found in the wordpress library

Among the many themes tested those stand out:

  • The zakra theme
  • The lyra themes
  • Theme shop themes
  • Acm themes
  • Thinkupthemes with page uilder
  • ...

Most of them are easy to use, come with no build in builder or extra plugins and can be tested with a free version before upgrading to the professional one...

Thank you for liking, shares and comments

I am sure many of you have tested many themes. With all their odds...

What is your favorite theme and why?

PS: not to forget the Wordpress themes proposed by wordpress (best for blogging twenty seventeen).Easy to install and use...

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Recent Comments


Personally i use Hestia, but I have read good things about Astra so will try on my next project.

In a future I plan to use Genesis framework, but at the moment there is no need for this. Will also give a go to Acabado theme from income school guys. Seems promising.

All good themes
Not the easiest ones...

Thanks for sharing
Good luck
Keep us updated

Thank you for this advice Fleeky. I am still searching for a theme I really like.


Takes a while...
Had to test many
And even then...

I have two hiero by aThemes and Divi Builder

Great themes indeed!
Thank you for sharing

No problem

I like Divi

It is great on desktop
On mobile it does not wOrk well

Good Stuff, thanks Fleeky.

Good luck

Currently using Avada and quite enjoying it although a bit of a learning curve.

It was recommended and also half price as they had just sold their 500k copy!

Themforest themes are great indeed

It was recommended it by a friend who designs webpages back in the UK and she uses it a lot.

It probably offers a lot more than I will ever need but her view was better to have to much than not enough. I hope thats right as I'm today I'm actually having an issue with the hosting at WA not allowing me to update the theme to the newset version.

Apparently according to Theme Fusion "it appears your host has an old version of OpenSSL and therefore old cURL. I would request you please ask your host to update their version"

Its currently with site support so fingers crossed.

Did you add kraken plugin and ask sitesupport to activate it and move to new servers?

It will solve all

No, is that what you recommend?


I'm a fan of Astra :)

Me too...
But difficult Without IT backgrounf

Divi has all and more that Astra has which is why I stopped my Astra this week

Works better when you work on mobile...

I haven't found Astra difficult and it's pretty lightweight. I don't want too many bells and whistles just yet for what I need, Astra is pretty nice for me.



Is astra hard? I'm a complete newbie at this and I've been researching themes for 2 weeks now!! I want to buy instead of free. Help!?

I never found it difficult but Astra does have a free version you can try before buying the premium version. I did have some experience with Wordpress before I started here, though I'm not very technical at all. So maybe it'll be fine for you. Just try the free version first to test if you like it.

Astra, as others have said is not difficult and for a free version is okay. I all depends on the experience you have with WordPress and what you want Astra to do for you

I liked it, but dound that DIVI Builder /Theme offered me more benefits, for what I wanted, better than Astra at any rate and does the job the nicely

They have a yearly licence, or a lifetime one, which is far cheaper than other options out there, with more benefits and a cool affiliate venture

I like Thrive themes but since they're too expensive then I tried the lesser expensive one, Divi.

Works like Thrive too. :)

Works only well on desktop...
When using mobile, you are stuck

Thrive copied Divi so you have the original and Divis lifetime is cheaper than Thrive Themes yearly

Stuck on mobile? Which one are you referring to? Divi or Thrive?

Hi Fleeky
Like you, I've tried several and am using several as I have different websites. I try to choose a theme that works and looks good for my particular site and niche.
Hope you get some good ideas.

Hi Joe,

And what is your favorite so far?

Currently using Flex, which is a WordPress freebie. Like it as well as any I've used.

A french theme?

Not that I know of. Just one of their standard freebies.


Bonne chance!


Hi Fleeky, I tried a few and finally found one I like (GeneratePress). I paid the premium price for it and am very glad I did. Everything is just so customizable.

Thanks for sharing!

Sounds like a winner..

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