The lion and the rat

Last Update: Jan 11, 2022

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The lion and the rat

Have no prejudice about people, situations...

An allegory that makes it clear.

It is said the lion king, and the rat... a lesser being.
Among the animals the rat is lesser seen as the lion, indeed


There was this lion trapped in a net.
The more he roared the more the net had a grip on him.

Came along this little rat, he once saved from the gap
Who one by one cut the mazes of the net with his sharp teeth
And ultimately the lion got freed.

Lesson of the story

Some times you better save a rat.
You never know who will come at your rescue later

To friendship. There are no little friends... only BIG ONES!

Thank you for likes, shares and comments

Rats are most amazing beings... any experience with them?


Free translation of one of the fables of Jean de La Fontaine, a french writer.
Never ignore the lesser one, for they are all needed.

The power of the lion is his choice.
That of the rat, his skills.

Aren't they both awesome?

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Nice to gnaw you! Kindness is Love in action. If an action does not exhibit kindness, it will never exhibit love either.
Yes, there is a place for the Lion and the rat ; and the Lion and the lamb.

Yes Susay!
Thank you for adding the most important flavor
Love in action


Excellent lesson. I have thought about this situation many times as I.changed jobs or moved to a new location. I've been in the navy, worked for the Forest Service and the State of.California. With all the co-workers I've had, I remember personalities, skill levels etc but I honestly don't remember and I don't notice skin color or any of that stuff. I was always more concerned with traits like how well they they got along with others and not always how well they performed but if they.did their best.

Very truly cool!

Yes... so true
We all try so hard
So hard

Awesome story

Yes... a friend of mine shared the story...
Had to share it also!

Thank you

It is awesome ;)

Animals look at us as friends and nurturers
Once we see that we can really communicate with them

I understand

Rats are very gentle and kind nature.
Extremely intelligent.
We have prejudice against them also...

Oh no!
That's my biggest fear
Not gentle at all

😂 Are you sure...?

It is kind of projection of our fear
Rather unwanted... not nice having them snurkling around

Better have some of these

Goose pimples all over
I've been scared since childhood
Yes, I'm.sure


No,cure then?

Like befriend your fear?

With something else
I guess hypnoanalysis can help


Or just no fear



See your self as a cat

Not going to work
They scare the living out of me




A great story.
Have you heard the one about the Lion , tiger and ass.

The Ass kept saying the sky is green and the tiger said , you are stupid , it is blue.

The Ass said let’s go to the king lion and see what he says.

So off they go, lol, can’t help myself, and see the Lion king.

The Ass says, lion the tiger says the sky is blue but it is green isn’t it. Please punish the tiger.

The Lion king says yes you are right and tiger you must not speak for a week.

The Ass walks away triumphant.

Tiger says, my lord, you know the sky is blue. Why did you punish me.

The lion said, I didn’t punish you for saying that the sky is blue, I punished you for listening to an Ass.




How would he know, if he is blind?

hahaha... that was good.
i think ive listened to the ass few times to many lol.

The third eye, lol.

I think we all have. There is a saying in Vietnam. Never shout at a barking dog. You just waste your time. Lol.

Here they say
Let them bark
We just pass

Only you!

Assidents happen! Look at the word assume. Blah, blah out of U and me.
See, it does happen.

Hehe, 😜 another 1500 word post yesterday. Lol.

You're really going great ;)
How many have you gone now?

Must be 10 now, have to do a video for YouTube. This month is my manufacturing month.


You will do well
I mean it
I will start writing again today
Lots of planning and website maintenance for a few days
Had to do that while getting over this cough
It really drained me

A good reminder that we may need to rethink how we look at things. Fun read.

Hi Sami
Jean de La Fontaine was a great writer and poet.
He used images from animals to teach great wisdom

Thank you for liking!

Yes, no prejudice...

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