Take YOUR time

Last Update: November 06, 2020

Take YOUR time

Does that sound obvious?
Well it is not...

Most of the time
time takes us

What is my point?

We all take time for granted, whilst is slips between our fingers...
Tick tock says the clock in a never ending refrain

So TAKE your time.
Make your own space of quality time, to do what you like to do.
Do not live on the chords or chime of time... unless you are a musician.

I remember mom, after a day of caring for us all, she said...
'now it's mom's time'.
She took her time, and we did not interrupt, nor bother her.
It brought a kind of silence and respect over the house and our activities ...

This is SO powerful! She took her time!

There is a great lesson in this simple statement: now it is my time.
And a great pace in taking your time.

Thank you for like, comment and share!

Tell me... do you take YOUR time

PS my quality time is dwelling here on WA... and learning from so many others...

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NicholaJames Premium
Hi Fleeky,

Simply awesome! yes, sometimes it is a short time and other times it is longer. Indeed, we all need our alone time to be with ourselves and to see into ourselves. The only person that we have to spend the rest of our lives with is ourselves.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,
Fleeky Premium Plus
Thank you Nichola!
Wishing you a blessed week!

NicholaJames Premium
You are welcome. Thank you!
AlexEvans Premium
Many come to the online world with lives that are already chocker block busy, taking on the online world can be that step too far.

Learning to invest the time we have wisely can be one of the best things we can do.

Definitly a work in progress truly worth the effort.

Good advice, Fleeky.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Thank you Alex
Yes.. all stacked up ...

And modern times do not really help
They are out of control

For many of us a difficult exercice
To find balance and peace

Thank you for sharing
LyleW74 Premium
I never seem to have time. I have dialysis 3 days a week, then on top of that I have a 7th grader who is distance learning this year. Also my fiance is disabled she has no left hip and the cause of her not having a hip has spread to her back and knees. I am trying my best to keep up with the training but I feel like I'm so far behind with no computer or laptop to work with. I've tried to see if I could use my daughter's school computer but found out that it was against school policy. I just seem lost right now.
Fleeky Premium Plus
That sounds very heavy.... is there a library nearby?
Many use that... it also helps you to focus
Make sure to rest in time...
And know that learning takes time, you can not force it
Keep courage...
arlowa Premium
I am also taking my time and it bothers me sometimes as I think o should be way faster in getting my next blog post out! So your post gives me some calm. Also we will Switch our clocks one hour back tonight so 1 hour extra time will be gained 😊
Fleeky Premium Plus
One hour extra indeed...

What helps to manage time
is to know something nice and pleasant is waiting...
And yes, claiming our time as caregivers is VERY important

Thank you for sharing!