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September 20, 2019
A warning A warning to all members, especially newbies. Do not like nor click on links provided by spammers. Just ignore or report them. Among us, there are people with bad intend. Just here to fool us with so called health issues and other issues and hoping to get money from you in transfers of credits or cash. Trying to scam you with false profiles, fake stories and ditto pm's. And so called charity works or other... Do not be fooled. Just stick to your business and training and report them t
September 19, 2019
Interpretation dreams .A strange dream ... We all have them, haven't we? So, here comes a dream and its interpretationAn egg. A big egg.Really big. Half as big as I am tall. And just enough power to lift it up... As the egg was lifted up, it cracked in two parts and a beautiful colorful creature came out. Like a panda full of colors with the snivel of a bird and palms as members. Full of kindness It wrapped me and I was really wondering what to do with it and what it was ... So I searched fo
September 18, 2019
Out of 3 headlines 2 are spamFor the past week the timeline of our dashboard has been flooded with spam (for those who view all posts). And most of the time with spam in Indonesian language inviting for lotto, games, lotion, ... or long blogs with referral links as first blog. Or subjects that are not allowed.Is there a way to stop this?
September 16, 2019
Pep talk and action Stress is on AND. Capite? Capite is Italian for 'understood?'. Not another coffee brand... Some times used as capiche, slang.Uh, uh, what is this again? Having pep talk or doing pep talk is not enough. Action is needed as well. Imagine a court with runners and no pep talk or a court without runners and only cheer ups... Both ways look weird and sound weird . Right? So what is my point?Both are equally important. We are in a running court with runners and those who cheer up.
September 15, 2019
So boring... Do you share that boring feeling with me when visiting some sites, reading posts or text, or viewing images or videos? The feeling of seeing it over and over again... yes, right! SO boring!And what is the next step? Yes... bouncing... Not interested.How can we avoid this?Look at the featured picture. The dog is ready to play... and visibly there is nobody to play with. So bored indeed!Knowing that the game industry is the best paid industry so far, it is time to focus on the word P
September 13, 2019
Promote crab and you get crab .This is for the crab lovers. The vegetarians and those who do not like crab will turn away. Not to mention those who are allergic to seafood and turn red just by hearing the word crab or seeing one.What is my point?Be careful with what you promote. And how. Promotion has to be targeted and specific. If you want to promote crab, you have to promote crab. Not jelly fish. Not all affiliate links are valuable and trust worthy either. If you promote crap, you get crap
September 12, 2019
Turn negative into positive We all face negative things all around and within us. Examples are plenty! Flood endangered environment Flew infecting our health Accidents driving us out of the road Unforeseen bills Addictions of all kind Job related problems Family related problems Website issues... (yes, yes) The list is longThe question is not only how we solve them. The major question is how we face and handle them. Our attitude in this is key.It is like a glass half filled with water... for
September 11, 2019
Oops... deleted Just asked a question and deleted it instead of editing it. Truly sorry! If there is a way to undo that, let me know, if not, let me rephrase here.Many of us receive emails from google console dashboard or google analytics about all kind of errors. Perhaps this is a better place to create awareness.Triblu made some great training about one of the most common ones: How to fix coverage issues? there are many others
Use video AND transcriptsWhen using videos it is important to provide a transcript. Yes, you read that right. A video is not enough.Many viewers are quick readers. And it leaves your viewer with a choice. Watching a video full of blabla and lose precious time and skip itor read a transcript and go to the essence without loosing timeFor many watching a video takes too long. And they will skip it. Especially long videos with nothing but talking heads...My advice? Make a short video or provide y
September 09, 2019
Use translation tools With a growing international market, it is important to use translation tools.English is only spoken by less than 20% of the world population. Think of it when you go global. And that means culture, tradition and habits as well. Some of those tools come with ditto seo tools, marketing your site in other languages.Is that not wow?Now tell me, have you ever used such a tool? And if so, which one?Thank you for liking, shares and comments