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Use the new tool to validate your site in google consoleExplanations here:, here: has a new tool to validate your site ... and it is awesome!Once you log in, add a property in the left down of the opening windowBy clicking, it, it gets you here:Add your domain and continue.In the next window, you are given some cluescopy the text record and ask site support to add
October 04, 2019
The fishing pond Uh hu... another tale? No... another allegory. Ever seen a fisher? Whether it is an animal or a human. They need patience. What is their secret?Before going out fishing they need to know where. They need to find a place where catching fish is high.Once they know where, they need to find out how. Part of it will be to attract the fish and catch them. Setting up material and follow up is the biggest part of it, before they can sit and reflect on rippling waters...And when they
Chase one rabbit at the timeSounds like a familiar quote, no? Let us give it a second thought.Ever seen a rabbit? And if so, ever seen it run? Very fast indeed and unpredictable. So you have to be a pretty good catcher for just one rabbit. Let stand two.What is my point ?Make sure to finish one objective and goal at the time. You can not run after them all at the same time. Build up. Start with the easy to catch rabbit and then, go for the big, fast and hard to catch one. Build up your busines
September 29, 2019
2 awesome years! As time goes by...2 years on the WA platform! Yay! Learning, sweating and a lot to celebrate. First an awesome platform with all that is needed to learn, to build, to grow. And second an awesome community . No regrets.I joined because of site support. Yes, yes. Awesome indeed!It took me a while to get used to the dedicated hosting environment here. And it still gets on my nerves from time to time. But that is me. And to be honest... it is a rolling coaster!My advice for newbie
Tip 135 how to change HTTP to HTTPS in wordpress comments? With the rules of HTTPS entering into vigor, you better check and adapt your comments as well. (For those who missed my former blog, click here. )How do you do that?Go to your WP dashboards>comments (1) all comments show upHere, you can view posts (2) and check if the websites have HTTP://If not, edit (3) and correct (4) and update (5) one after the otherEasy peasy if you know how!Thank you for likes, shares and comments
September 28, 2019
Google Chrome Security Update Google Chrome Plans you better be aware of. One of them is To Block Third-Party Cookies By DefaultAccording to several mails received, Google also plans to update how Chrome browsers handle cookies. In doing so, Google wants to provide users with :more transparency about how sites use cookiesbetter controls for cross-site cookies. This requires special attention from us all...Developers will have to define additional attributes when setting cookies intended to be
September 25, 2019
How to get-rich-quickOr...The get-rich-quick magic pill and shiny object syndromes Yes... if you find a place to buy a get-rich-quick magic pill that works, let me know! And we'll all run there soon. Just for now, it often only exists in our wishful thinking and projections.My message today is short and crisp Get rid of quick rich magical pills. On the internet it is called the shiny object syndrome. Leaving you and others empty-handed.Get on your marks and run. Go for the real work and effort.
Tip 134 use the new clean cache option For those who have not noticed yet, we have a great new tool to declutter our website cache. How do you do this?Very simple. Go to your WA dashboard > websites (1) > site manager. (2) it looks like this:In your site manager, click the details (3) of your site down on the right in the site panel. It looks like this'In the next window go to the sitespeed+ section and click the clear cache button (4) Once done, go back to the previous page and refres
September 23, 2019
Statistics about videoThe time of the written word seems far behind us. And one wonders how many still use the written word as communication... a letter, a card, a note, a transcript?Media have explodedFirst the book, then the radio, television and lately video and 3D. Videos have become a rocking star! And Jay is surely one of them! For newbies, make sure to search his training... For those who do not know, Go to live Events (1) and search your video topic. Looks like this...This being said,
September 22, 2019
How do we measure productivity?A wonderful blog by Kyle is inviting me to write my first longer blog. Yes, yes. Not the full moon yet, almost.And also as result of comments from others, hard to hear... but understood. Yes, some opposition helps to face reality.For those who missed Kyle s' blog, here it is: A fleek description on how helping others can stand in our way and delete or delay our own productivity