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December 28, 2019
Be GDPR compliantGDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulated .In a former training you will find more details: the European cookie lawGDPR is a European data protection and privacy law for all European citizens (European Union and European Economic Area) . This law also protects the transfer of their personal data outside the European Union and European Economic Area. The law imposes new requirements on businesses serving consumers and readers from Europe. One of them must be a notice of
December 21, 2019
Follow the star ! In old days the sun and stars were used to orient. No Compass. No GPS. No maps. Nothing but nature and her laws. And people arrived at destination as well.What is my point?Perhaps we need to follow our stars and sun again to reach destination. Get in touch with our own inner and outer orientation beacons. Whether it be lessons, teachings, blogs, examples of web design or success stories...No ship thrives on the waves, it leads to ship break. It needs direction and focus. And f
December 19, 2019
What is CCPA?CCPA stands for the California Consumer Online Privacy Act. Also known as California's GDPR. Its is a Californian privacy law that goes into effect on January 1st 2020 and it enhances the privacy rights of consumers from California in the USA.The law imposes new requirements on businesses serving consumers from California. One of them must be a notice of collection, with an opt-out link, a do not sell my personal information (DNSMPI) Best is to use a plugin that detects the locat
December 18, 2019
ADA compliance websitesMany of you have probably heard of the ADA requirements when building a website. For those who do not know, it simplyy means your site must be friendly for disabled people. What does ADA mean?It means the Americans with Disabilities Act from 1990, stressing the rights of disabled people and abolishing discrimination. For many a relieve. With special space to park a car, or audible sounds on traffic lights, ... examples are many.Lesser known is that it applies to the desig
December 08, 2019
Seasonal Greetings Do not forget to brand your site for the end of year festivities. What does it mean?Create atmosphere. Evoke the season with some extra attention like background images, colors, festive images, headers and footers. Be creative! Not your products but your website... give it a joyful extra!Evoke the season. Family, warmth, home, friendship, light, joyful tones. You do not have to add a jingle bell at every corner...Avoid clichés. Do not just use standard imagery. Adap
December 02, 2019
New year resolution listWith the end of 2019 nearing the count down for the new year 2020 has begun. December is an awesome cosmic month. The new moon has just started to grow and the sun is gearing towards the yearly winter solstice. With the new year in perspective time to make a resolution list.For me?Very simple. It resumes to the following pointsReduce the number of websites Rehearse lessons, boot camps and video trainings less mastered Spend less time on the platform, you will see me les
November 26, 2019
Target your audience Ever seen an archer shooting randomly? No. And Why?The arrows are too precious to be wasted. The archer aims for a target. What is my point?Just like an archer we need to focus on targets. And they can be manifold. One of the most important ones is our audience. The people we want to reach, to read our blogs and visit our website. The people we want to work with. Not just random shoots. Not just random people.Just wonder: Who is my audience? Whom do I want to reach? Keep th
Adjust your expectations Reading through so many expectations, most of them seem way out of reality. An expectation is not wishful thinking.---> What is the difference?Wishful thinking is a projection of a wish that can often not be met. If you wish to succeed without effort, commitment, work, choices and determination, you are way out of reality. If you wish others to pay the price for you, you are way out of realityIf you wish things to happen overnight, you are way out of reality. If you
November 23, 2019
Maintain your site Ever seen a high voltage repairer? All tied up in the sky? No? Well I can tell you it is rather scary to look at. One mistake and they burn their face and hands... A precision without errors since every mistake can be fatal. Electricity is a great invention, but dangerous if you do not know how to handle it. It needs preparation and adequate equipment Maintenance of our sites is no other. It can be a scary thing to do... and some errors can be fatal too. The risk however is c
November 19, 2019
Wealthy affiliate reviews. So many awesome reviews around .Just one more!Why did I join? 1) To learn English: speak well, spell well, apply good grammar, use better vocabulary. Write awesome content. Not to forget some humor. Life is heavy enough without adding to it. Yuk yum!Blogging is truly the best way to learn a language. Active responses and people telling your spelling and grammar are wrong. LOL... And the wealthy affiliate platform gives a lot of easy, entertaining and varied blogs! A