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Avoid distractions when studying Distractions are all around us. Keeping focus on study and practice are key!Looking back, it seems easier to pinpoint the main distractions knocking us off all along.And you will agree with me : there are more thinks than things Just to name a few: Fear. Now that is a bad counselor! Which does not mean, you have to jump without parachute! Hurry. Going too fast is exhausting. This is not a sprint. Take time to assimilate and practice what you learned Impatience!
October 13, 2020
Best compliments Good compliment Better compliment Best compliment Right? Right! Take time to compliment when you can. We all need some pushbutton up and cheers Our culture is not so compliment minded. Perhaps it is something we need to learn and practice more. Also, the acceptance of compliments. Just tell each other what we like and appreciate. And accept when others compliment us It is not only a big boost, but a confirmation of what we are. To best compliments Cheer up Today for site su
October 12, 2020
Make a staging site Never heard of it? Me neither, until a few weeks ago. Doing all changes on my master site with the delays and errors and frustration that go with it. When I discovered this possibility, saving time and disaster... Just sharing in the hope to help some...What is a staging site? A staging site is an exact copy of your site, on which you can work and do the necessary tests and corrections before moving it to your master site and putting it online again. When is it needed? It is
How to socialize on WA ?Besides following the training and building your own website and business It is important to keep contact with your fellow students and to lose some time socializing with others Some tips The best way is to follow other members and to comment on their profile and postings. Another way is to interact with others by posting your questions on the dashboard or by posting them through live chat. And last but not least, you can use private message (a premium feature).Give spe
October 01, 2020
Wow - what a surprise! Today besides my three years of scholarship badge (and some time's hardship) a nice extra surprise awaited my first premium subscriber! 🥳 Makes me like speechless... for once A double surprise!!Thank you for likes, shares and comments!
September 26, 2020
Use the right tools That sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? But it isn't. Long ago, helping my granddad in his garden he used to say that to me Use the right tools He wasn't a man of many words and that simple phrase has shaped my work All over the years Have appropriated tools, ready for use.What is my point?Building an online business is not just another job. It requires a good-looking and well build website. According to your need of the moment.Use the right tools.It will grow on you, all alo
September 26, 2020
Reflect definitionAccording to Merriam-Webster there are two possible definitions of the verb reflect1. Transitive (related to an object) A mirror reflecting light, changes its direction Clouds reflected in the water, give back the likeness Attitude reflecting little judgement, casts result A blog that reflects vision, makes it manifest Pulse reflecting the condition of the heart, makes it apparent To bend or fold back2. Intransitive (not related to an object)To throw back light or soundTo thin
How to automate updates of your pluginsMaintenance of your site should be a weekly priority. It enhances both security and visibility. When you log into your site with website manager, you might see a notice, telling you that you have some updates to do. It can be your wordpress version, your theme or your plugins. The notice looks like follows: When clicking on the circular symbol, you will be told which plugin needs to be updated. In this case the All in One SEO plugin.Just update manually.
Training about menu in Wordpress Some rehearsal can be very helpful for some and revealing for others In Wordpress it is important to use categories and menus to bring order in your writing chaos. => a clear menu is based on wisely chosen categories What does it mean? It means, that each time you write a blog post, it is important to add a category and tags. This will allow you to order your posts in easy to use menus. For the starters: In the dashboard of your wordpress, click posts>a
September 16, 2020
Big welcome to all new members SO many new members daily and so many new premiums as well!WOW Congratulations! You guys, you rock! Just know you just joined the biggest network of affiliates in the world. Not for a sprint, but a marathon, that for most of us will last for a lifetime! In the WA dashboard WE can welcome our new friends by following them And leaving some commentsToday, had a new subscriber, for me a wonderful present.Make sure to welcome him, he will soon be a super affiliate