Que sera sera

Last Update: Jan 30, 2022

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Que sera sera

Que sera sera, a beautiful song from the fifties.
Some will remember that one, others not

Song by Doris Day
And on hit parades for years

As for the lyrics...

I have added some links
For those lesser familiar with the song

With its evergreen refrain

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be

What is my point

The main question here raised during our lifetime and training (grinn)

What will my future be?

Fortune tellers, goal setters, planners, coaches , advisers
Try to lead your dreams, expectations, wishes
Into your direction and expectations

And it often works
Because it helps us to focus
On what we really want

Money, success, welfare
Stable relationship

And methods
tricks and tips
to work out

The future's not ours to see
Que sera sera

We can only work for the best
And one day we will reap the fruits
No doubts

Thank you for likes, shares and comments

What would be your questions now? Related to the training, of course...

Mine would be, what to do with referrals that seem inactive? Thanks for advice from the top noches.

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Recent Comments


Whatever will be, will be is not a path to success. You must take action and follow a plan to reach your goal. If you ascribe to the thought that whatever will be, will be then you go nowhere in a lead balloon with no escape. Always try to move forward, if you can't move forward try laterally. Keep trying until you find a solution to whatever is stopping you, then you will find a way to success.

... yes, focused laser-like energy on a goal does accomplish more than the scatter-bug approach ... -(learned that through managing mega-projects in a different day) ... :))


Some time more than we can handle, and unforeseen...

It may seem there is no solution but the trick is to step back, take a deep breath, relax and let yourself find the solution. It won't be easy but it is there.


Unless you have the handlers
You undergo Jerry

You are stirred
Whether you like it or not

Situational collapse
Like an earthquake or a storm

You can only make the best of it
And start from scratch again

As you say...



scatter-bug approach! 🕷
Laser-like energy⚡️💥☄️💨

... yes, definitely! ... 😉🤣🤣 ... !

One of my favorite songs, Fleeky. I was only 12 at the time and on my first ever road trip with my parents, in my Dad's fairly new 1952 Pontiac that had a built in radio.

They played that song by Doris Day no less than 50 times during that 1200 mile trip. I had it memorized.

Throughout life since I have found "the future's not ours to see" to be very true. However, the "whatever will be, will be" part of it I have come to disagree with. Although we can not see our future, we can certainly shape our destiny by our daily decisions in life, rather than just let the chips fall as they may.

We can actually control the destiny of our WA business.

Old radio waves... now that was a healthy wave... !
And the worldwide suppression of something that worked well by something uggly and expensive is a real shame. Money theft. Yuk.

It was funny as well, old tunes and new ones played all along until that was corrupted also by uggly songs, no beat, no rhythm, no soul, no blues... all bribed stuff. Yuk.

Never listen radio any more, nor tv ... what an uggly stupid beasts they have become... just some programms. Seems a Worldwide cleansing of traditions, culture to be replaced by lies, vice and corruption... yuk again. What a propaganda and brainwashing it has become. Depressing. Yuk.

We shape our future .
But our common human future?


What will be, will be...
Isn't that rather about being?
Just a thought


Very true words, indeed, Archie!


For sure, Fleeky. And, it isn't the advent of technology that is the culprit so much as those controlling it.
As far as the music "artists?"
No talent at all...just noise.


*** Que sera, sera -- whatever will be, will be ... 🎵🎵🎵 ... :)) ***

Tenderly gently happily

.... beautifully ... 🌺💐🌸🌿 ...

This is wonderful, this song invites is to stay present, where whatever we do matters. The future, as it states, is unknown, so any energy spent wondering and worrying is wasted.

For me, inactive referrals are not worth the time and trouble. Much more effective to spend energy on someone or something that ready in this moment.

Stay well and thrive!

Good night
The milkman is on his way
Sweet dreams
For another day


Thank you for the advise
Very wise


Hi, Fleeky

My mother used to sing us that song as kids, while she played her ukulele. I thought it meant that I could do whatever I wanted, no matter how misbehaved. 😊

Probably the best thing to do with inactive referrals that seem generally interested is to motivate them to do the training and interact with the WA community. Enthusiasm can be quite infectious.


Wonderful Frank
The Ukulele is a special instrument.
Explains your love for music!

As for the referals.
Yes... tried that... a little daily teaser... no reaction...

Lovely to have the same time frames

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