Music maestro!

Last Update: November 03, 2019

Music Maestro

Arrificial Intelligence (AI) is invading all aspects of our life. One of them being music. Apps transposing notes, tuning your instrument, playing one, ... the list is long.
One thing however fails... the composition. It still needs a music maestro!
Some of us will remember pop corn, an electronic-generated pop song, which became #1 on all the hit lists of that time. It was a smart song, made by smart people and the title was Wow as well. Very appropriate.
The music maestro behind the song is known. The genius who made it!

And what has this to do with WA? (Another fleeky thing?)

All and everything.
You are your own composer with all the instruments, tools and training provided. Do not expect other to make your music. Unless you like listening to it!

Thank you for likes, shares and comments

Are there composers in the room?

ps: links are references for those lesser known with the subject

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Claudiojuan Premium
I really like to hear your very particular way of music that you have. Joy to my heart. Thank you very beautiful post.
Fleeky Premium
Glad you liked it!
At the time it was like flying to the moon
AlexEvans Premium
Never heard of it, 12 million views on YouTube, a timeless classic in the making.

AI is creeping into many facuets of life, it is still good to be human with all the experiences.

Being creative ranks right up there, and conducting our own orchestra's is top of the range.
Fleeky Premium
It is!

Attention please
The key is C

And the beat?
Moderato cantabile 3/3
FKelso Premium
Music is a force for good. We make our WA music with our ideas, our lessons, and our successes. May we all create a masterpiece.
Fleeky Premium
We do...
We do...
working on it for years now


Twack Premium
This is such a clever post. J'adore.
Fleeky Premium
Moi aussi

NeilBrown Premium
That's music to my ears, 🎶 thanks for your sharing!
Fleeky Premium
It is! Long before your time, no?

Thank you