Giving feedback on a website

Last Update: November 06, 2019

Giving feedback on a website

Lately with the lack of comments to be given, many jump into feedback and review of sites in the same way.

It often lacks quality. And resumes to a few lines, without real content. Furthermore, it often repeats on several sites and starts to look as spam.
Hey guys, this is NOT how it works.

The last months the quality of feedback is so poor and bad that I have decided to flag those as spam from now on. Because it looks like running after easy and quick credits.

To make this clear some examples of good and bad ones.

Bad example , and lately most of them are like this :

'Great website, love all the info you cover, great photos and very fun to look through and interesting topics to read about, the layout is also so easy to use and i really like that factor, it is not to simple but not to confusing to navigate through. I love it.'

----> cheap statements without content

Medium ones , those give some specific hints, without details. There is some effort. They look like this

'Good Site! The outlook of the site could use a little work including the Menu, which looks quite crowded. May I suggest sub heading to minimize crowded Menu. The themes under each heading came out quite large. Took up the entire screen. Changing that would go a long way, as well.

Please, check on grammar and Capitalization on certain words within the content.

Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback!'

----> There is an effort here, but rather plic ploc

Better one , you can start working on this

'Hi there and this is my feedback of your website and what I think about it. my positives and negatives and if any improvements can be made. First of all I want to talk about what I think the positives are. I like the fact that there are lots of content for sure, lots of information all in the right areas and always easy to access information whichever page you are on. Also, made me want to see more than the theme and niche is good and lots to choose from, the colors also work very well and apps and links to other websites that can be used at any point and are handy and very accessible. I Like the Images as they go very well with the theme and brings it all together to make it a nice website. But obviously there is always room for improvement so I’d like to go on to a slight negative which I think is probably my only grumble to be honest, the apps and links to other websites on the left-hand side of the page are slightly in the way of reading the content when you access most pages which was sadly annoying as I wanted to read more but other than that I think your website has very good potential and if this minor problem was sorted I’d definitely view it again thanks for letting me give feedback was nice to see your website.'

-----> There is a big effort here. Just all on a heap

Excellent one (try to be like that)

' I'll try to give you some constructive criticism, everything I write is in order to improve the efficiency of your website NOT to offend you.

So let's get started! :)

Things I don't like:

1. Navigation Menu -> Too much text in your buttons. I would make a page like "Categories" and put "buttons #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 there. + Then you can try adding a "Home" "Contact" and "About us" buttons. + Avoid drop-down menus... with time as you add more and more posts it's going to look overwhelming and difficult to navigate from a user perspective.

2. "About us" -> It should be a Page, not a Post.

Things I like:

1. The site loads quickly.

Best wishes '

-------> easy to read, great points and well-structured

What is my point?

With giving those examples, I wanted to show what good and bad feedback looks like.

  • Do you recognize yourself as a bad one? Refrain from posting nonsense. And try to give a concrete, well-structured and detailed view.
  • Are you a medium one? Try to improve with more structure.
  • Are you good or excellent? Thank you. Your feedback is worth ten times its price.

Perhaps we need a valuation tool on feedback to improve quality.

Thank you for liking, shares and comments

What is your experience with feedback received?


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Wastephen Premium
Thanks for this info. Some comments for sure plainly indicate that the person didn't take time to scan through for constructive comments. It reminds me that it is the comments that actually enable our websites to be improved so that our visitors are not turned off. Nice Job Fleeky!
Fleeky Premium
Thank you.

There is also a difference between feedback, which is not published and comments
Wastephen Premium
Sure, maybe this can be your next blog topic? I am eager to learn more. Super!
Fleeky Premium
Well... ok...
Wastephen Premium
I was actually typing my wow! You are a genius boy. This is excellent work. A pat on the back for you.
Fleeky Premium
Uh uh

Thank you

Patty back
Keep going
Natasa13 Premium
Very useful advices, I will use them. Thank you.
Every beginner like me can use advices like this.
Fleeky Premium
Welcome and good luck!
We all have to learn this
CMKetay Premium
Thank you for this. I'm probably guilty. Haven't been sure what to say, write. I don't feel particularly qualified some times. This is a fantastic guide. Most helpful!!! I want to make my feedback of value. Now, I can. Thanks, Fleeky!!!!

1Rudy1 Premium
Thats a good point, CMKetay, and stated much better than I this morning...many people don't know what to write in a feedback comment, because they don't feel qualified, etc. Or they don't want to offend.

I think providing any type of positive review or feedback is a good thing.

Fleeky Premium
Yes... just follow some structure
davehayes Premium
Great Post with good examples of how to do it the right way
Fleeky Premium
Thank you Dave!
Twack Premium
I have been very fortunate when receiving feedback. This was becasue more than one of those I had, shared similar views. With that I was able to deduce that it wasn't just an isolated opinion but more a general consensus that showed me something that I needed to address.
Fleeky Premium
Yes... spammers show off very quickly indeed. Blabla without ground. Thank you for adding. Not all bad...