Build a WordPress Website

Last Update: May 11, 2022

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Build a WordPress Website

Building a website is not done overnight, even for professional web designers.

But what if you do it yourself?

Some tips.

Actually most of them are technical


Once you have installed wordpress you need to choose a workable theme. If you are a starter go for a simple wordpress theme. Just know the latest theme twenty-twenty two is a full block theme which is not the easiest to handle.

A great free business block theme is generate press.


Do not overload your site with unnecessary plugins. They slow down your site and need a lot of maintenance as well.

What plugins are necessary to start with?

  • A Wealthy Affiliate Wordpress site comes with two great plugins for SEO and image optimization. Activate them.
  • Make sure to install and activate a backup plugin like the free updraft backup plugin. Use it.
  • With growing privacy rights you need a cookie plugin as well were your visitors can accept or reject cookie settings. There are several free ones as well. (Look at stars, the latest updates, utilities before installing). You can also go for paid professional ones .
  • Some will feel the need of installing a security plugin as well. This can become important for those who allow comments to handle spam. Wordfence is the better one and comes with a free plugin.


Make sure to use reliable themes and plugins. There is a lot of rubbish on the market and even big brands face security issues from time to time.


Maintain the Updates and upgrades and backup before doing this.

For content focus on those:


Make sure your content is not outdated like links, or copyrights dates.


Have a good 'about me', 'privacy policy' and 'contact' page.


Structure your website with

  • categories (1 per post) and tags (several).
  • Descriptive excerpts starting with your title
  • Have a featured image
  • Label all your media in the media library
  • Pillar post (general) referring to other content on your website (specific)
  • Use internal and external links


Add content on a regular basis (with right spelling)

For the monetizing, keep those in mind.


Seek affiliate products that you can advertise or have your own PLR (private label Right) product (click bank provides some on its marketplace)


Have a good CTA (call to action) . This can be a mailing list, an offer, a landing page, a free download (best combined with an email).


Seek traffic through social media, specific platforms or other websites.


In Conclusion

Those are some main basic topics to cover as a starter.

It is not done overnight.

So, yes... make sure to follow the lessons and to implement what you learn.

Thank you for likes, shares and comments

Where you able to set up your website yet?

Siterubix, offers you the possibility to exercise with a free sub domain before jumping into the real stuff. Especially when you feel unsure.

If not, what is your hurdle?

Ask help, when needed, through live chat.

Do you have other recommendations?


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When I built my first website generate press was the default theme for my WordPress website it's a simple and lightweight, I've seen cooler themes on WordPress but the time it was taking me to choose themes I could've been working on my content I could improve my generate press theme with plugins so there was no need to choose any other themes, live and learn thanks for the read.👍✨

Yes, generate press is a great block theme indeed and one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing your experience and insights. Agreed


I have set up websites, on my own and in conjunction with others. Monetization is still an issue that I am working on, but I think many people struggle with this.


Yes, it is also traffic related.
Do you publish on social media and have your own CTA?

Wishing you luck

For the old e-commerce site we used SM. We have not done for the new sites yet. But will soon


It makes a difference...
And also joining same platforms or having a FB group

Do you have a mailing list? A weber comes wit a free version. The best

No mailing list yet, but we do plan to have one soon.


Make sure to be spoof proof...

I have been getting a ton of spam emails recently through the contact us form in Forminator.

I have just activated the Captcha, so I hope this will stop them, but I suppose the ones that already have the email address will keep coming.


Oh my...

Spam is a wordwide plague for the moment on regular mails as well. Tons of BS by idiots.

Best is to have a spam free mailer who filters them out and to make sure indeed to have no bot registrars with recaptcha.

Perhaps time to try a free aweber account...


Great advice Fleeky! You have a great week!

Thank you!
Same for you

Some valuable tips and insights here, Fleeky! I hope you are having an excellent new week, my friend!


Weather is beautiful...


I'm very glad to hear that, Fleeky!

Enjoy your new day!


You have made it so simple.
I agree with starting with Siterubix for beginners. You can use that to get how the process works.
Thank you for the post.


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