Adjust your expectations - tip 139

Last Update: February 18, 2020

Adjust your expectations

Reading through so many expectations, most of them seem way out of reality.
An expectation is not wishful thinking.

---> What is the difference?

Wishful thinking is a projection of a wish that can often not be met.

  • If you wish to succeed without effort, commitment, work, choices and determination, you are way out of reality.
  • If you wish others to pay the price for you, you are way out of reality
  • If you wish things to happen overnight, you are way out of reality.
  • If you wish others to do your job instead of you, you are way out of reality.
  • ... out of reality.

An expectation is a result of something.

  • You expect to pass examinations after studies
  • You expect to receive loan for your work
  • You expect recognition for your deads
  • You expect fruits after flowers
  • ...

Wishful thinking is not dreaming.

---> What is the difference?

Dreaming is a projection in the future.

  • You dream to find a good job, partner, home
  • You dream of winning a contest
  • You dream of having your own website
  • You dream of a specific career
  • ...

What is my point?

Make the difference in your own life. Adjust your expectations to reality.

Skip the wishful thinking and start to build your dream.
Once you do, you will see results beyond expectations, grounded in reality.

thank you for liking, shares and comments?

What is your dream? Make it real!


Lately I see some people quit because of wishull thinking... false expectations.
Time to adjust to reality

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EHozubin Premium
Very Good Post Fleeky which applies to many other fields or niches. In real estate when you are representing Buyers you have to separate their wants & needs, another Words what they can afford. When it comes to marketing and sales, there are all kinds of examples everywhere that are worth looking at. Thank you for the share.
Fleeky Premium
Need and greed

Thank you
HenryPing Premium
Our level of expectation is merely a dream it is because of our standard and level of acceptance. If we raise the level of acceptance if will leads to propositional to our standard of doing things. The only thing we fail is we keep it the same level and be the minority of 99%rather than the minority 1%.
Fleeky Premium
Yes indeed!
Focused hope and attention to purpose help to make your dreams come true.

That's why adjusting expectations are necessary to fulfill dreams.

Wishful thinking can not help. THAT'S A BIG NOPE, at least for me.

Making things happen no matter what is the key here.

So, I totally agree with your train of thought, Fleeky. It is priceless.

Also, people oftentimes expect what has been projected to them prior. After all, they are only human by nature.

This is another awesome post of enlightenment and I thank you kindly for it.

Maxine :))!
Fleeky Premium
Grow the seeds
kpercival55 Premium
You are right on target as usual Fleeky!

I am a perfect example. My health issues have interfered more than anticipated with many activities, including the time I planned to commit to WA.

I was close to quitting, but am too much in love with my sites and this community.
So it may take me 2-3 years instead of just one year to achieve my goals. But the goals are still important and I WILL accomplish what I set out to do.

Blessings to everyone this week!
leebray Premium
I can relate had to adjust my timetable as well
ThaCamel Premium
The more important thing is that you are still chasing those goals, rather than worrying about how long it will take!
Fleeky Premium
Good decision!
Adjusting time tables iNdeed
sme hppened to me..

Life Comes in between, wether we like it or not
kpercival55 Premium
Fleeky Premium
❤️😍 🙏🏻
PMindra Premium
Hey, Fleek.
You never fail to amaze.

I think that for most people, their plan A is actually someone else's Plan A.

That is why you need Plan B and Plan C.
That is where the individual comes in and controls their own destiny whether Plan A works or not.

Thank you for sharing.

Always good stuff from you.

Kindest regards from Canada.

Paul Mindra.
Fleeky Premium
Namaste dear friend
Always have a rescue plan indeed
PMindra Premium
Remain awesome.

Kindest always from Canada,