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Hello evereyone! My name is Fred Benham, but I've had the nickname Flash from the time of my birth. It's not a long story, but nicknames are a part of my families culture. I don't mind telling it so if you want to know more just send me a note (however you do that here). I'm in my 50's married to a wonderful lady and we have a 12 yr. old daughter. I am totally new to Internet Marketing and I think I've made a good decision to join this fraternity. Some people have careers, I've just had a lot of jobs and I'm looking to change all of that. Most of my background lies in athletics as a player, coach, official and administrator and 90% of that is in baseball. I love outdoor activities like camping, fishing and golf. My ultimate goal is, like I suspect everyone 's here is, to free myself from trading time for money.

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