May 2020 Be Your Year Of Perfect Vision

Last Update: December 31, 2019

It's the last day of the year, Therefore, I feel it essential to add one last WA blog before 2019 leaves us completely.

I used to like to start my morning by declaring that each new day is a new little life. Now, we have an even bigger marker -- a new year. Think about the potential contained just in one day, and then consider how much larger the scope when we stand on the threshold of a whole new year.

Such a propitious number! 2020 -- let's hope that our progress in this brand-new year -- and new decade -- will be made with 2020 vision. I wish for each of you the perfect vision of the new year that will make it the best for you ever.

Do you have your plan in place for 2020? Do you know what you want to accomplish? Judging by 2019, I would guess we might accomplish a lot. At the start of last year, I had no idea how far I would travel by today, the end of the year.

My websites and business have grown. I've learned so much, and have stepped out of my comfort zone more than once in the process. That alone is good. That means I'm growing. I am pleased.

Just recently I have conquered a fear and had to push my boundaries to do so. I'm making videos, something that I'd been dreading for some time. However, I find I enjoy it! It gets those creative juices flowing.

Not only that -- I've come up with an idea for a series of videos that just might do okay. The important thing is that I am excited about developing my ideas. It is vital that you stay excited and motivated by what you are doing, so finding ways to keep that excitement are valuable.

If you aren't making daily lists, you should be. I've found that my list made before bed for the next day's work to be most helpful. I write down six things that I want to accomplish the next day. Sometimes I fall a bit short and sometimes I do more than required. Whatever the case, the list helps

I used to keep a gratitude journal, which is beneficial to try. It acts as a reminder of all the things for which you need to be grateful. Now, I just take some time before going to sleep to go over in my mind all the good things in my life that I'm grateful for. There are many.

Another helpful kind of list that I make fairly regularly is one that includes all the things I need to do for my business. It's so easy to forget the details, such as doing a dead link check, putting URLs in Jaaxy to check rank, or even doing sitemaps regularly.

Review training. Are there areas where you are uncertain or confused? Take the time to find a good tutorial and learn all you can about the topic that you don't understand. We have such excellent training available that you might as well use it -- get your money's worth from WA.

Let's make 2020 the year of breakthroughs. Let's make it a year when we vault forward in our business. Maybe we'll reach a tipping point and find a way to open the floodgates of success. We can do it. Take action -- move forward -- never give up.

Make that your 2020 mantra: NEVER GIVE UP.

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Linda103 Premium
Great post Fran. I too have a gratitude habit that I usually list in my head morning and night.
2020 feels like a very auspicious year. A lot of good family things happening and knowing where I am going with my business is good too.
Happy New Year, may it bring all you wish for..

FKelso Premium
Thanks -- I feel it will be a good one.
mivi999 Premium
Great post, I am going to have todo lists this year, if items not achieved they are simply added to tomorrow’s list, I have decided to incorporate my broken down goals, by breaking them down into small chunks they will become more attainable, this year the goals are ambitious so have to be reduced from massive to achievable small bites, after writing them and getting the buggy out of the way in 2019, I am determined to achieve them again in 2020. By breaking them down they don’t seem to be insurmountable.
So FKelso and friends it has to be onwards and upwards, have a great new year in 2020 and make it really count.
FKelso Premium
You are right on...goals need to be broken down into digestible chunks. If they are too huge, we will become too discouraged before we reach them.
JoePlale Premium
Not to mention, a Brand New Decade .. heh!
FKelso Premium
We have lots of firsts to use for excellent results.
MarcDemers Premium
Happy new year Fran🥂 🥳

2020 is THE year 📈

FKelso Premium
It must be -- it comes next.
timstime20 Premium
Good post
Happy New Year
FKelso Premium
Thank you.
Same to you.