How To Travel And Take Your Business Along: Some Suggestions

Last Update: March 02, 2019

'This post was meant to be my last "travelogue" instead of what you see here. I planned pictures and a brief story about our drive through the redwoods. I have some good pictures, but for some reason my camera will not "talk" to my computer. I'm not sure if it is the computer or the USB cord.

So, that story will have to wait until I get home. Instead, here is the blog I'd planned to write after I'd returned.

The problem with my camera brings up item #1 of my travel suggestions. When you head out on the road with your business, make sure your equipment is in excellent shape.

Understand all the ins and outs of your computer before you leave. I made the California trip with a small laptop that I really hadn't used much. It has given me a string of problems. I guess I've been lucky, though, as the computer has condescended to continue working.

If you do not have one, invest in a good camera. Carry it with you always. You never know when you will come across the perfect picture to go with a post on your site.

Take spare cords. If your camera requires batteries, see that you bring along enough of them. Make sure you have any necessary chargers. If you connect from camera to computer, you might want to bring an extra USB cord to go between them.

You can go anywhere and work online if you have WiFi available. Want to go to an exotic beach town or a village in the mountains? Just check ahead of time to insure you can find access to the internet.

Make sure your means of transportation is reliable. If you are driving, take care of any problems with your vehicle before you leave. If you are on the road full-time, of course you will schedule regular maintenance for your vehicle.

Plan your route. Set up an itinerary with the understanding that you can change it at any time if something more interesting comes your way.

If you have friends or family you want to visit, of course you will plan your travel route to include these places. If you are planning to camp, research campgrounds ahead of time.

Make a travel budget. If you are traveling a money plan is especially important, as travel will eat up your monetary resources. You need to make sure you have enough to cover your basic needs.

These ideas are basic, and my main intent is to encourage you to explore the options. If you do plan a trip, write your plans for your business right in there. I use a DayTimer and write "post" at the bottom of the page for each date when I will add a new story to my site.

Try to write posts ahead, as it will be handy to have them ready, keeping you on schedule.

When you are on the road, it is easy to be distracted. Try to keep up the focus on your progress. For some reason, I lost about 3 days on my trip -- just lost track of time -- and when I "came to," I realized I'd missed adding a couple of posts.

With some practice, I'm sure you can perfect the process of traveling and working on your website as you go. It's exciting to realize your business is not limited to one spot. You can blog the world!

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soozk017 Premium
Glad you got the memories!. The redwoods are beautiful. Sounds like it was a trip worth taking!
FKelso Premium Plus
Yes, Susan, the trip was worth it. I hate to have to say it, but the money I am saving on the crown kinda covers a bit of my trip expense. It's been a good time.
Barney44 Premium
Thanks for sharing this post.

Had stopped using Day Timer and marking “To Do’s” on advertising calendar. You idea of marking at bottom of page for date to post. Going to go Monday and get me a new filler for Day Timer notebook.

Thanks for great tip.

FKelso Premium Plus
Thanks, Barry. It has certainly helped to keep me on track, as I have gotten into the habit of checking it every day. Glad I could be helpful.
LauraFuller Premium
Hi Fran. So good to see you.

We are at this moment waiting to board a plane to sunny beaches. We will be away 12 days.

I busted my rear for a week writing and then scheduled post until I return home.

I hope this works well for my business.

FKelso Premium Plus
It will work. Good you prepared so well. Enjoy the beach!
dchapman3 Premium
My wife and I travel in a motor-home and when we started I thought it would be easier devoting time to my business than at home. I was wrong.

I am going though an adjustment to make time to write my content.
FKelso Premium Plus
I think it is a bit harder. You have to plan for all the contingencies. However, once you get a routine and a plan established, it works fine.

Maybe you can add some extra pointers for those who want to travel and take the business along. Keep us posted.
ECV82 Premium Plus
I remember that a few years ago, my husband gave me a digital camera for our anniversary and we went on a second honeymoon, but I forgot the charger. Needless to say, we have very, very few pictures of that trip.

FKelso Premium Plus
Easy to do. I am a firm believer in lists. Make a list ahead of time so you don't forget the vital things. I'll bet you won't forget the charger on the next trip.