Have You Set A Goal That Excites You To Action?

Last Update: Aug 12, 2022


Have you established a goal that you work on a little bit each day? Do you believe in your ability to reach it? Do you set up a plan ahead of your day's activities to see what you can accomplish?

You must have belief in yourself and your capabilities. One time in Kodiak, I planned to sell my jewelry (fishing lures, of course!) at the annual commercial fishing show in Kodiak, known as "ComFish." That was for me a lucrative event that I did each year.

On this particular year, I picked up my girlfriend who would work with me on that day. We headed to Kodiak from Bell's Flats,a distance of about 20 miles from Kodiak.

I said to my friend, "Let's set a goal for this event. I need $1,600 to cover all my current bills. Let's aim for that amount. We can do it!"

We got to the high school where the show would be held, and set up our booth. Sales were steady, though so far not anywhere close to our goal.

Then, a friend who was a regular customer came by. She said, "Oh, I'm so glad you are here. We will be leaving the island in the next couple of days, as we are moving to another state. Since you are here, I'll be able to choose from your great collection one more time."

And, choose she did! She kept finding one more thing that she had to have, as she might never see something like it again. When she finally finished her little spree, she'd spent about $1,200. Boy! That really put my goal of $1,600 within reach!

As the day went on, we made more sales, though none as good as the sale to my friend who was moving. However, at the end of the show, we'd made about $1,650 in sales.

The power of belief can work wonders. We did make my goal. I do believe that if our faith is strong and our vision is clear, we can make all sorts of dreams come true. With a positive self-image and a good attitude, we can journey far.

We must nourish our goals and desires and imbue them with power through great affirmations. Then, amazing things can happen in our lives.

Recognize your own goodness; value; worth; and develop confident expectations of your ultimate success. Be excited by your goal, and never waver in your belief of your worthiness or your ability to create your dream.

You can do it -- Many have followed the path before you and found their way, and there is nothing anywhere that says you cannot do the same yourself..

Don't forget to enjoy your journey.

Recent Comments


Wow, Fran, that’s quite a lucrative day! 👍

Maybe you should think about setting up an online fishing lure store, assuming you haven’t already done so. 😊


Well, I have an online jewelry boutique -- that is as close as I'm going to get.

That’s great, Fran!

You can always sell the fishing lures seasonally online in a separate site category or maybe a subdomain.

Enjoy your weekend! 😎

Belief is a very strong motivator. Without it we will struggle to accomplish our goals, with it, the sky is the limit. I am very happy for you and thank you for sharing.


Yes, you are right...strengthen that belief muscle!

Good evening my dear sister, long time no see. You said it well, you said it real, and it is the truth. I thank you for this, have a blessed rest of the week. With much happiness, peace, love and prosperity.

Thank you, thank you! May you also have a great week...

That's such wonderful advice, Fran. And a great story to back it up. Setting those goals and believing with conviction can be extremely powerful.


That's very true, Susan. The belief is vital.

Great post Fran!

I agree that setting goals is important. One of the most important things to live a successful life.

One of my main goals that I work on is to help 8 billion people to use Bitcoin.

It may not happen during my lifetime but if I can be one of the people to get us closer to that goal I'll know that I've helped the world to make a better place for everyone through my work.

It's great to have a goal that can help the world, Roope. I certainly see you as one with a chance of getting there. Best of luck.

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