Cat Springs Into Action With New Toy

Last Update: Aug 16, 2022



Recently, I got my cat a new toy. It was recommended by my friend, Wendy Christensen, who wrote a book called "Outsmarting Cats." I consider it my go-to book for cat problems.

I wanted a great toy for Mocha. Wendy recommended cat springs, which you can get on Amazon, among other places. They are plastic, and a couple of inches long, and big enough to fit nicely on my ring finger. They come in four colors: red, yellow, blue, and green.

Soft plastic -- no sharp ends -- hold their shape well. Mocha doesn't just love them -- he's obsessed by them! He has forsaken all other toys for his springs. He gives them a good swat, and they leap across the floor, then roll quite well, sometimes in unexpected directions.

Mocha runs after them and bats them again, or maybe picks the spring up in his mouth and moves it to a choicer location.

He likes to bat one behind a door, then lie down on the other side of the door and reach his paw underneath to pull the spring through.

He tries to remember to pick them up and move them before they get lodged where he can't reach them, but of course, many of them end up under some piece of furniture anyway. Then he crouches down in front of the furniture piece and looks underneath for that spring.

That's my signal -- I'm then supposed to find some long-handled implement and try to fish it out from under there. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes not.

We started out with a package of 12 springs. When we got down to six, with the others stuck under some remote corner of something large and unmovable. I knew we had to do something. The supply was dwindling.

One of them I know for sure we'll never get unless we move the kitchen stove. It's lodged behind a leg next to the wall.

Therefore, I ordered a bag of 100 springs. To assuage my guilt, I gave away 6 packages of eight springs each to other cat owners. One report has come back, letting me know that we have another cat with a potential obsession.

I have not received progress reports from the others.

Now I'm down to one-half of that package of 100, and a couple of those have already come and vanished. Who thought up springs for cats anyhow? I must say, they have certainly made a hit with Mocha.

With this spring obsession, Mocha demonstrates another quality that we can certainly use in our businesses -- and that equates to the power of focus. When that cat becomes involved with his springs, nothing else (except perhaps food) is more important. He concentrates on that spring!

In the process of playing with these cute plastic toys, he gets his full share of exercise, racing around the house, chasing them. Too bad they haven't found a toy for dogs that would do the same, and dog walks would not be necessary.

If you want to add a spring to your cat's step, buy him some of these, and if you can find them after he loses them, you may never have to buy another cat toy again.

Recent Comments


This makes me wish our cat was still alive. Even at 19 years old, I bet she would have tackled them. Well, we may get another cat sometime.

Oh, I am so glad to have a cat again. He has brought great pleasure to my life. You should get another one.

Thanks for the idea, I will look into these, we have several cats who would probably enjoy them.


Oh, for sure -- cheap entertainment.

Hi Fran...thanks for the tip. I need to get some of these for my cat. Mine likes his tunnel and mouse on a stick but that requires constant involvement. A spring sounds like a good alternative. and great amusement for all. Mocha is a beauty.


I believe you will be pleased with the results. Of course, you may have to hunt them down, but that's the price...

might try that, my Humphrey has an Ikea rat, two actually and one is always hidden.
They appear in all sorts of places.
In the mornings, sometimes, he takes one to my wife to throw for him so he can leap and catch. The rats have lasted two cats so for $5 a great investment.

Peter H

Oh, the springs are great, too and inexpensive. It's amazing, the places the cat can find to hide those things in. And he doesn't really find them -- they find him!

That sounds awesome, Fran. Kitty just lyas around most of the time, and she is usually quite content. She is an elderly cat now.

It seems that you definitely have a hit for Mocha though.


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