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May 14, 2012
Ok I know finding relevant material for an article is no doubt a daunting task, at least it can be. So how do you write 5-10-20 articles on the same thing well at times it is not easy, I mean how much can be said about one item or one idea; some niches may be easier than others of course. My best advice, what works for me 9 out of 10 times are the forums, I have written about this in the past but there are a lot of new folks here and I see these questions come up now and then. Join a few forum
May 05, 2012
I have started to get decent traffic to my site and average traffic is going to Amazon, but the conversions are horrible, just horrible. So is it Amazon or me...I have set my site up and it is reaching many kw on all my pages and is ranking ok for some kw like position 1,2,3, within and .ca & u.k even in austraila I believe I have a # 1 position.  It amazes me where my traffic does come from and all the pages my site is on in a good position. I felt I did alot of work t
May 02, 2012
I recieved this in the mail this morning and thought I would post it for all to see, proving again quality is King and what follows the King...may be surprising....may not be.....worth taking a look at....     We asked more than 1,500 search marketers about the effectiveness of their top SEO tactics. More than half of all CMOs report that content creation is a very effective tactic to improve their SEO rankings. Keyword research was close behind, with 43% finding this stra
April 27, 2012
I have had my site come back from the grave for about two weeks now...and of course I have been watching it very closely to see how things are progressing form here....I did get rid of my old front page and replace it with a completely differnent page....should have done that in the first place.....oh well spilled milk wipe it up and get anouther glass... So as I sit and watch, traffic come and go and get to see where I am sitting in google I am doing quite well for the most then
April 25, 2012
Hello all... I just had to put this out there for others to hear....concerning google ranking....I rank on #1,&2 for main kw   #2 on for kw and all up and down the map, I am ranking for kw that I never in a million years was going for, the bots are picking it up from my site I guess as there are search terms for these kw phrases that I have on site, in my text...... I am getting traffic from all over the map and up and down on google from 75-1 it is just
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Hello all...   First of all I have to mention that WA has more than lived up to their reputation and I have learned so much since joining.  WA members and chat has been maybe one of the best gathering places to just to shoot the breeze or get some questions anwered and has invaluable to my learning curve.  The friends I am meeting along the way is a bonus for sure...just had to say that.... Well with that out of the way the main reason for this blog, I am seeking some dire
Hello all...   Just thinking out loud seems to me that guest writing is a great way to get a quality backlink as long as the article is not duplicate content, unique and informative material....having a link back to your site.... I am in the process of setting up my site....and wonder if anyone else would like to get involved in some guest writing.....   thinking that this is still a viable way to create quality and natural back links if I am wrong please let me
April 11, 2012
Well we all know you learn from your mistakes and I have done that.  I thought I would write this up to warn anyone that is thinking the way I did. Buying back links for me was a disaster, this is just the first thing I did wrong with the site.  I used a service to submit articles to social bookmarks at a much faster rate and to more urls than I ever could...solely for the purpose of manipulating my ranking, the only reason for doing both...wrong....will not rinse and repeat.....
February 29, 2012
I have been researching my main kw again,as I agree with Kyles comments I need to be in a bigger pool with more fish. So, my maiin kw is golf rangefiner review-4thplace..estimated traffic  mnth ads on google for this as of rangefinder reviews--9th place...estimated traffic  mnth  3000+/ ads as of yet on google for this kw......... So I start looking to see what is better out there and this is what I ahve come up rangefinder...5th page
February 24, 2012
I hate to bitch but, I am reallly get sick of seeing zeros where numbers should be day after day after day..I seem to be ranking for many pages and number 4 on first page for main kw...sounds good right... I have seen myself come up the first page for main kw and considered this to be a good thing, no better at 4 than 10, so far....willl it get better, I would think so..I hope so.... I have worked on my site trying many different things and one time the traffic th