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My sixth article has been publised around 1:00 Standard Eastern Time....I socialized it at 1:23....My fifth article I just checked it and it is still not to be seen as of yet....Lets see how this new one does and see how long number five will take to hit the ranks.....Here comes number 7.....when I get the results of number 6 I will repost here what has happened...My new kw mth....164 tr....28 QSR.....71 SEOPwr....88
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Half way through my ten article tour with my 5th article submitted and socilaized all done by 3:50 PM Eastern Standard lets how this one will go today...I did something a bit different just to keep it exciting ok not so different but my numbers were differrent this time a bit higher all the way around....I pick this kw phrase really because the SEO power was so high at 92 the QSR was a bit higher than i have been picking for the others so let see how this one does....Mth......394 tr..
August 18, 2012
The Low Hangin Fruit TourSent my fourth Low Hanging Fruit article off to SA last night, this monrning it is on page one first place and from the times stated it took about one hour to get there.......I did not get to socialize the site before it was ranked this was still in first place....Mth 128 Tr..... 22 QSR.......11 Seo Power....90.......On to the 5th article....and see what happens.....Still nothing on Bing or Yahoo for any kw phrase as of yet....As far as traffic an
Ok a quick update of my recent Low Hanginig Fruit Keyword campaign...First day.....Mth..79 Tr....14 QSR....0...........3rd page in 20-30 minutes of socializing from day...first page 8th still at 8th place.....Second day and second article....Mth...164 Tr....28 QSR...35....first page 4th place in 23 it reamains at 4th place first page....Third article....Mth....164 TR.....28 QSR.....52 about 15 hours after published, and
Ok the first one worked quite well I thought at least as far as ranking it was ranked on first page of google in a day or less I was very impressed...give it a month or so and we will see what type of traffic it is getting from one article....The second article has been launceh at 3:00 PM and I checked it at 3:34 and it was published 11 minutes earlier so 3:23 PM giving it 23 minutes to get rank and not just ranked today it goes straight ot page one 4th place in 23 minutes second article stat
August 16, 2012
Just a short word on this as of yesterday I had my article posted on 3rd page of google in 20-30 I check google and I am on first page.....very cool...Thankyou Kyle for showing that lilttle extra that I seem to be misssing before and Veronica....This has profoundly change my way of kw searching and writing articles....Off to check yahool and of this morning nothing in both bing and yahoo but, impressive....I will let you know if it goes to #1....
August 15, 2012
Ok this is really cool I must admit, I followed kyles suggestions and i tell you no lies I am on page three, already it has been literlly 20 - 30 minutes if that... not page 1 but really close...this was my jaaxy stats monthly searches are 79 traffic is 14 QSR is 0 I went google as Kyle did and the same thing I changed my kw a bit did the article and submitted to SA and page three in basically minutes.....did the social thing....Cant wait to see how long it takes to get to 1st page oh maybe it i
August 11, 2012
Ran across this in my travels for the best SEO I can get....I like to make my site as SEO friendly as possible as I fiqure this cost absolutely nothing and can only help in your rankings, just one more avenue to get ranked, along with quality content and backlinks....I incorporate into my campaigns....enough of this here it is someone can make use of this......:)
August 01, 2012
I have a good handle on how to get my main page up the rankings with a good combination of quality content, relevant backllinks (more natural the better) article directorys, bloggs, forums, and such...good SEO optimization an a good combination of a good kw phrase and synonms get the google has been working for me as of late.....Getting my first page up the ranks, but I seem to lack getting my internal pages ranked.....So what am I not doing or doing wrong....?This is my stradegy that
July 26, 2012
Just found this in my mail this morning, as alot of us have been afected by past penquin and panda updates some for good reasons others no idea why.The fact is google is launching panda 3.9 tonight just to let all know....just in case your site is messed up tomorow this might be the reason....."White Hat SEO"