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February 25, 2013
I ran across this today in my mail, and perhaps most of you that are dealing in Kindles may already be aware of this but those who may be just starting or just did not notice this.....I myself do not deal in Kindles at all, so this may be useful or it may not be I guess it all depends on hear it is...
December 24, 2012
Merry Christmas to all of WA members celebrating this year...have fun play safe see you all back after Christmas for another fun packed year.....Tim
December 24, 2012
Hello all....I am not talking about cloaking links.....I would like to only send my visitor (customer)to the check out page, not just a general page or another description page of the product that I am promoting....on my site I have a product page (6 different products or more, I have many product pages) sending customer to description/review/price page (all on my site, my page, all on one page of course) keeping them on my page longest how can I have my customer fill up a cart on
December 19, 2012
I have been memorized by the latest killing spree of this sicko at the school in Connecticut...I hear and watch all the sympathy and sorrow and all the support most folks have or are giving to these folks in their time of need at it is promising for sure mankind can be sympathetic to others pain...But at the other side of things I am watch CNN and they say gun sales are on the rise since the shooting....They interview some idiot and he says he better get this gun he has been wanting before the l
December 17, 2012
Hello all.....I am in the process of making a redo of my site and a question came up on the visual effects my font is having on people....For this site I have chosen Times New least on the front page as of now...(under construction)so is their a better font, one that is used most often or is it really a matter of personal opinion...????Is times new roman a bit to hard to read....????What is the better alternative....thanks all....Tim
December 11, 2012
Hello all....was wondering about cloaking of links....I know amazon does not allow their llinks to be cloaked and others may as well...But in general is their a time to cloak links?Is link stripping something that we should take seriously?When should they be used or should they.....and why just for looks or for a security reason...?Just wondering....have not used them for a long one time I did for amazon, quickly changed that,....any thoughts....
November 16, 2012
Hello folks....I was wondering around google tools to day and when checking my page speed I came up wiht this and was wondering what it is a redirect of some sort so it says....I have a few of this a red flage type of thing or something that just is and really means nothing.....I have to wonder.....?????Can anyone shine a little light on this please....thank you...:)
November 09, 2012
Hey every body.....I was doinig some surfing and was reading an article and took this from it you have read anything about keywords and use Kyles alphabet method (lots of info this way) you are going to love this tool as it does the exact thing (as far as I can tell) automatic and it is free....give it a go it has more keywords than I have ever how do they do on compettion ???? Not I think about it now....something I never looked for..???? N
November 02, 2012
Something that came in the mail today I gave it a read and thought I should share this...... a look....leave a comment...:)
October 30, 2012
Hellol all....I have been using the snippet from my windows system on my computer....I am wondering if there is another way of doing the same thing with another tool that gives you a bit more editing capabillities....?Thanks....:)