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May 09, 2020
I just want to wish all Mothers in the WA Community a blessed and happy Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day from Deborah Firefli From the day they are born For ever we will always be Moms
So as you can see from my title I am getting ready to venture into a new adventure. Decorating is my first passion as anyone can see who has been to my website. However my second passion is travelling. Since I was a little girl, my family, has travelled all across Canada camping, seeing every tourist sight, loving the outdoors and tasting different foods. Then as an adult I travelled across Canada again exploring, camping, staying in hotels as well as travelling into the USA, Europe, and Austra
I am thinking most people are pretty good at taking this pandemic seriously however I have seen some, not so much. I also think that this pandemic is teaching us the old ways of being a family, doing things together as a family. The needing of one another as a family. Although, I know only, some of this is true. Not everyone in this City where I live, gets it. I had to go out yesterday and get some supplies, standing in a line up of 20 people to cash out, the lady behind me was coughing so hard
April 21, 2020
Today I was sitting reading and looking forward to Springs sunshine and warmth, being out in the back yard puttering around enjoying life. When I, for some odd reason, turned on the television. I never do that first thing in the morning. I couldn't believe what I was hearing from a very small town in Nova Scotia. A random shooting and 22 people no longer enjoying a beautiful Spring day plus the shooter himself was killed. I had a hard time fathoming it and I began to cry for the families of tho
Hi everyone, a happy and peaceful good morning to you all. I haven't written a blog here before but thought in light of all that is happening around us, in every part of the world I would give it a go. I was imaging that as I was reading so many blogs from so many people in this community over the past few months, It was like we we're all at WA standing on the shoulders of giants. So, as I sit here drinking my coffee, like every morning, looking out my window and meditating on the day ahead, I
March 08, 2020
Hi everyone It's me again. I have just finished level 2 certification and I have learned so much. Now as of today and at the Level 2 finish I have 4 blogs on my website. Google has informed me I am being ranked. So I am so excited about this. WA and to all those that have written blogs for us to read on different and important articles that help us newbies learn. To Kyle and to the video lessons like yesterdays by Jay on writing awesome content, I have grown and see my success growing. Thank yo
January 28, 2020
Hi everyone that is following me. I just finished my first 10 lessons ready for the next round. Website is built, about me is finished and my key words are established. yahoo I am pumped.