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June 09, 2020
So things are looking up a little. I have settled on a niche I love and can go some miles with. I have written a few articles do it is taking shape. The one I packed with keywords I researched on Jaxy just got indexed with Google, so that is encouraging. Still, it is miles down the listings. Another I wrote just because it made me laugh. As there are other good guide websites in my niche with all the technical info, I am giving in to my natural style which is humour and eccentricity. I think it
Hi All,I have at length arrived in the vicinity, at least, of my niche. Thought I had found it several nights ago until I was thinking about my first post and realised it was all I might ever have to say on the subject! Oh dear. How to write multiple posts to build a whole website? And update it over time? -This niche is too small.So I set to ways to broaden my subject, just a bit, but found myself back to the beginning, trying to write about related goods which in fact makes the whole thing to
April 30, 2020
So... everyone here tends to be upbeat. It's all great, awesome and Good Luck. But I'm going to be honest about how I am doing.I have started to build two websites here. I hate them both. They are clumsy, unprofessional and I have run out of things to say. I am ashamed of them. It's not where I want to be.Dragging myself to the computer again I admit to myself I know what the problem is. The first website I started skirts around the subject most dear to my heart. I have a sketchbook full of clo
April 09, 2020
Morning from here in the UK. Lovely to wake up to so many messages from the community wishing me well. Then the news that, after moving my sites from siterubix, they have been indexed by Google. A small milestone but a start. Better get writing then...
I was determined to make a start on the free starter membership as I had almost no time to invest in doing the training and building a website, and I nearly stuck to it too! But what with the world lockdown and my day job on hold, I suddenly have no income and more time. So, despite it being a little counter-intuitive to sign up to paid membership at such a time, I have done it to try to turn things around. Fact is I am going to have to borrow to get through to June anyhow. So I might as well b