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Last Update: Nov 18, 2016


Hi all,

It's been 3 months since I posted my last progress.

My traffic has been growing nicely.

Remember in August I mentioned that my pageview was exceeding 1K / day.

Now, three months later, the pageview has doubled to more than 2K/day.

While my organic traffic has been steadily increasing, majority of the traffic boost came from Pinterest.

This is the first time ever I've seen such a huge contribution from my social media traffic.

Now, you may be asking, how can I get so much traffic growth from Pinterest?

So, today I'd like to share with you things I did that contributes a lot to my Pinterest growth.

(1) Infographics

If you have been following me in the past six months, you know that I have one infographic that has been pinned more than 10x times. The traffic from that infographic still grows, and now has gathered more than 40k shares.

Knowing how powerful the infographic is, I created another two infographics for other posts. Here's one of them:

The traffic does not come instantly. I remember the week after I posted the new infographics, nothing changed and I felt a little bit disappointed.

But the surprise came 2-3 months later. The infographics went viral resulting in more than 1k visitors from Pinterest alone for several days (see the spikes in the chart below).

I truly believe in the power of infographics, and I can say for sure, if you could invest a few hours creating an infographics with great contents, your audience will get hooked to you easily.

And one more thing, if you are worried that you are not graphic savvy and think that your infographics is not pretty, don't let that fear stopping you from creating your first infographic.

You see, content goes first, graphic design later. As long as you are publishing quality content with your infographic, people will appreciate it.

(2) Updating my Pinterest profile

My Pinterest profile description used to be my standard about-me description 'a mom of two who likes bla bla bla , and bla bla..'.

Now that I am fully intentional to use Pinterest as a traffic source for my business, I change my profile into 'how I can help my audience'.

I also include link to my freebie (in addition to my website URL) to entice people to visit my website and subscribe to my email list.

You can check how it looks like here:

(3) Be intentional with my pinning activities and pinning regularly

If previously, I pinned everything based on my interest (it can be recipes, printables for my kids, blogging resources, home organization idea, and so on), now, I pin things that will attract my target audience.

And since Pinterest algorithm takes into account how regular you are pinning, I can not neglect my Pinterest feed as I used to be.

So I started pinning regularly with the help of BoardBooster.

Boa/rdBooster is a pinterest scheduling tool that allow you to pin a lot of things at once, but release them slowly over the days (you control how often you pin every day).

With this, I only need to spend 30-40 minutes a week to do my pinning activity, and let BoardBooster takes care on how often the pins will be released and where to pin.

Also, after using BoardBooster, my Pinterest followers have been growing steadily without me needing to follow other Pinterest users.

It's awesome how much time I save with this tool.

And just in case you are interested, BoardBooster has a free trial (100 pins) and after that one penny a pin (around $5 / month for 500 pins).

I've created a tutorial on how to use BoardBooster. Learn more here:

(4) Joined niche-specific group boards

After I did step (2) and (3), other influencers in my niche started noticing me and invited me to contribute to their group boards.

I did join another group boards before, but the topic was not very specific and hence I didn't really notice the impact.

With niche group boards, since the followers of this board is super targeted, it's easier to gain new followers, leading to more traffic to my website.


What's the conclusion?

The current method works and I'll continue working on it and tweaking it to give me better result.

There's still a lot of room to grow. To date, I have about 700 Pinterest followers, a huge jump from less than 200 follower a few months ago.

I believe Pinterest has a potential to be a huge traffic source and if you have not tried Pinterest, I highly recommend you to try it.


Now, onto you.

Have you had success with Pinterest?

Do you have any Pinterest tips to share with other WA members here?



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Nice! Pinterest is cool.

Congratulations pinterest is often overlooked and it can be very useful

thank you, Katie! Have you had success with Pinterest, too?

yes I have and it is growing steadily, I am a fan of pinterest

Hey Fiftarina,

The information tou share is very inspirational, thank you for encouraging everyone!

Btw, I'm curious about the type of affiliate program you're using, can you shed some light on this?

I'm asking because I'm still looking for different options like amazon, adsense and such.

God bless you!

Oh, I use Amazon affiliate program. No Adsense because I was rejected.

Hey Rina,

Thank YOU for this very fact filled post about Pinterest.
Have you received any buyers from all of this great traffic?


I am not sure about that (is there a way to track this btw?), but I do get new subscribers from Pinterest.

Thanks Rina.
As for tracking ... I have no idea. Was hoping you could tell us. If you're receiving an increase in sales then maybe?

Now that I took a closer look at both my traffic and earning charts, there's indeed a jump in sales starting from a few months ago, so yeah.. maybe partly Pinterest contributes in it.

Keep up the good work

Certainly! Thanks for the encouragement.

awesome insight to Pintrest. I have had an account for a couple of years now but i really dont find it interesting to use. However after reading your post I am now suddenly interested again;-)
Thanks for the info. I will certainly go take another look :-)

Do try it, Cath!

it's on my list to go back to but its a time thing. I need to find a good training video to watch to remind me what on earth you have to do on it first lol

I suggest you to go to and sign up for her free pinterest workshop. totally worth it.

cool tip thanks :-)

Hi Rina.This is very helpful.Never heard of Boardbooster.Gonna check it out.

Thanks for this

You're welcome, Roopesh

Hi there, this is brilliant thanks. I do get quite a bit of traffic for one of my sites from pinterest but then - keep slacking with it! Need to try and incorporate it into a routine. Great idea about board booster.
One question -- where do you create your info graphics!? Thanks! Nat

I use Canva, very easy as in I don't need to design from scratch.

Thank you! I use CANVA but haven't got to grips with the info graphics part, yours look great so I will give more a go thanks!

Do try it. If you browse through Canva infographics layouts, you'll immediately know which layout I'm using to create that =D.

I have had quite a few re-pins and gained a bit of traffic from pinterest, but haven't really gotten serious about it! Quick question... what are infographics?

Hi, infographic is a visual representation of information or data, basically a summary of your article, in visual representations. Usually, it combines some images / icons, with a little bit of text.

I'll update the post to show you how it looks like.

Your infographics look amazing! I was browsing through your pinterest account and the colorful pictures are so eye catching that no wonder you've grown such a large amount of followers! I am going to try to do the same! Do you have any good tips?

Excellent work Rina. Thanks for sharing. I will bookmark this blog for future reference.

You're welcome, Pauline

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