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You know, being so new to web design my learning curve ishuge...but it is such a relevant skill in my world of business (Retail) that Iam anxious to learn everything I can. The swing from brick and mortar to e-commerce is significant and having avery real impact for manufacturers at the store level. So my new tactic is to get a few friendsto join WA and then we meet for coffee once a week and help eachother out. To all newbies out there, if you want to walk this path with a friend, the way to
October 29, 2017
So I started with WA last April and to be honest I struggled and muddled through levels one and two. I had no online experience whatsoever.. then in June we went on vacation. I had started writing a book to my daughter, I couldn’t do both so I dropped out of WA for a few months, my book just went to print - all 3 copies! What a wonderful world we live in that we can print just three copies of a book!! But you know I find I have more confidence writing now and less trepidation about post
May 05, 2017
Well I am just finishing up Level 2. I have opted for the annual membership and I know so much more now than I did a month ago when I started this. But notwithstanding all that I have learned, the one thing I am aware of is my vast lack of knowledge. Learning new things is challenging but also very rewarding. I have to say that creating the content is more difficult than I thought it would be. My daughter went off to Prom tonight and my hope is that my online business will help to pay for colle
I just read an article about how retail bricks and mortar is contracting and online is expanding. Opportunity knocks!!!
Yay! My first certification badge!!!
April 02, 2017
Just upgraded to Premium.... hoping for great things to come from WA. So far I'm impressed with the set-up, clarity and ease of use!
March 30, 2017
Hi, so I am a minutes old newbie... I look forward to doing a lot of networking with you all... My main interests are in everything natural. I developed a lot of food allergies and am working to purify my food and water, and also go green as much as possible.