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I'm Chris. I'm 26 years old, and live near Charlotte, NC. I've been involved in internet marketing since February, 2008.
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e-MarketingGuy Premium
Did you actually read my whole review Chris? Because based on your antagonistic remarks you just saw the negative points about Google not indexing lenses. I NEVER SAID that Google isn't indexing any lenses at all. I said they aren't indexing lenses by most newbies, the top producers and lensmasters ARE getting their lenses indexed, no problem. So you can take your link back! This information is nothing new to me. You can do whatever you want, I was simply giving an honest personal experience review of OWM and what it has....or hasn't done for me!
R-L-Atch Premium
Hey Chris, just read your forum post on your success and wanted to say, "A-Big-Congrats" to you! Impressive! I'm adding you to my buddy list and hope you will accept. I'm heading South (waaaay down South) for the holidays, but would like to converse with you when I get back. Hope you have a great holiday season!


TheAVlady Premium
Well, I bummed! And I don't mean bum marketing! Take care Chris and earn lots of money!!! Come back to visit us one day!
ClickIT Premium
Hi Chris
Thanks for your useful feedback in the forum, I added you to my buddy list.
eve Premium
Hi Chris - just popped in to give yu some gold and say thank you for your all your forum advice, especially Stompernet. Great info there and when I get to the right earning stage, I will be back to join through you.
Kind regards
onefineham Premium
You've had some really awesome posts in the forum. Thanks for sharing so much!
itpro1994 Premium
Hey Fender85, I"m love racing to. I hope I can be successful with marketing so I can use the income to race. You know what they say, most fun you can have with your clothes on..LOL.

gl with the racing man.