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Life is a journey, you can as well travel light.Quotes are like mental fast foods for me. I like quotes, and appreciate their benefits in our intellectual stimulation and curiosity. I drive great inspiration from reading some remarkable quotes. This is because of how my mind works.Although, it’s not every quote that makes sense to me. I select what I feed my mind with, just as I do with food. It’s not every kind of food you eat regardless of who prepares it. I hope that is true? Ok,
InAll Your Getting Get Wisdom Without being politically correct, I will tell us that there is a lot of foolishness going on today, even in the top places. Man has overloaded himself with information and head knowledge, but lacking in wisdom on how to live a harmonious life.As I observe the level of hostility, tension, and craziness going on these days even among our elected officials. I asked what is really wrong with people who supposed to be role models behaving beneath their status? The simp
5 Reasons You Must Wear a Regular Smile To begin with, how often do you smile? What keeps you smiling? Or Why is smiling hard for you? I know during my teenage years; Some people used to tell me I frowned a lot, that I took myself seriously to a fault. They said that I hardly laugh. I wear a scowling face than a smiling face more often.People liked my quiet demeanor but hated the fact that I seemed unapproachable because my face looked serious. It was how I come to know that first impression m
January 09, 2021
Be Careful of Your Habits!The impact of habits on our self-development cannot be undermined. Without cultivating a healthy habit, growth, progress can’t happen. Therefore, at the beginning of the new year is a good time to start building or reshaping your habits that are not useful.For purposes of refreshing our understanding of the meaning of habits, It has different definitions by different sources or dictionary. Here is the definition of habits according to one source, habit is an acqu
10 Essential Habits That Will speed up Your Personal Growth In 2021As my passion is in the self-improvement niche; I hope to see people improve their lives by paying close attention to their habits, beliefs, and thought patterns. When we talk about self-development, we are referring to what people do to see an improvement in their personal lives. For instance, learning some good habits by dropping bad habits. Living a life that enhances one's overall wellbeing. To achieve this overall wellbei
Importance of Resilience going Into 2021As we are to launch into the New Year, which is counting in a few hours from now in my time zone. I want us to enter the year with a clear head, clear eyes, and a rational mind. I have to enter the year in a calm mood, with clarity of where I’m going, and what I’m going there to do. In this article, I want us to think about the importance of the word resilience. This is considering all the challenges of 2020, the loss of lives, and economic
What Preparations Are You Making? Here Are Some Tips.The dreadful year as some sees it is coming to a close in less than 7 days from now. What preparations are you making to leave its negative experiences behind to flash forward into 2021?Here Are Some Tips to Consider:1. Just like someone goes on a journey, plan to carry the essentials into the new year, and leave behind all the excess luggage of negative emotions. Be ready to take personal responsibility and close windows against shifting bla
Is 2020 Your Best Year or Worst Year Ever?Let us take some reflective thoughts about this unprecedented year in history; as it is about to expire! I don’t even know where to begin and what to say or not to say about this year. Well, let me begin with this question; but just between us, let's gossip a little about the year 2020. Let’s do it now that nobody is listening lol 😊 All works without play …Ok, the first question is, are you able to record your best moments of
Check your Feelings and Resist The Moody BluesThe year 2020 has been so tough for many people. Considering the economic hardship, restrictions, loss of jobs, businesses, and loss of income, hospitalization, bereavement, eviction threats, COVID-19 fear, the weather, the political noises, and resentments. All these are causing so many people's hard feelings or moody blues. Many people are angry, depressed, dealing with all kinds of losses. It could be the death of a loved one, loss of job, income
Is Happines A Measure Of Success?We all strive for happiness and success in our carreers, and businesses, we are passionate in building our individual empires. And there is nothing wrong with that. Afterall, man’s greatest ambition is to live a life of happiness and fulfilment.That’s why all of our goals are colored with what we intend to achieve, for instance, some of us wants to accumulate wealth, get rich or richer, and to have all the things that money can buy. While others may