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We’re still continuing our discussions on Life Lessons. This is my WA New Blog Content.This Lessons will comprise every aspect of our daily life experiences.I believe that we gain knowledge in different ways, sharing such knowledge with others and Appling such to improve our lives, business, and relationships is a great achievement, in the proper sense of success measurement indexTherefore, I invite you to always connect and to share with us your real-life lessons. So far, reading some le
Life is a learning center. And every man and woman, old and young is a registered learner in the School of Life. But the irony of it all is that there is no graduation and no holidays. Also, the lessons to be learned have no options. In other words, you have no luxury of choosing what class to attend or not attend. Neither do you have the privilege of learning the courses before the exams? In the life's Learning Center, you can be tested at any time without any prior notice. Then after the test
What New Life Lessons Did You Learn This Week? Please, can you share with us to benefit from you? Here is what I learned this week:"I've learned that you should never put off saying, I love you in any relationship as long as you sincerely mean it. Otherwise, you may spend the rest of your life regretting it." No hoarding of love. Express it, make someone you love feel it, and appreciate it."I've learned that I should never tell my husband bad news on an empty stomach." Remember that a hungry
July 06, 2021
During our 4th of July celebrations, here was/is my reflection; I thought of the statement made by D. Eisenhower long ago. Here is what he said then, “Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed---else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die.” Wow! The Keyword for me here is that Freedom has its life in the hearts. Let us individually strive to achieve freedom in our hearts. So that we c
Learn The Lessons and Move OnI’m grateful this week will be over in a few hours from now. I must confess, the past two weeks have been something else for me. But I’m grateful that I Pulled through it! I won’t bug you with the details here I'm not a good narrator. All I can say is that I’m so glad to see the end of this stressful week.Meanwhile, I’m sorry for the delays in responding to your comments and participating actively for some time now. It was not intended
April 18, 2021
12:18 PM (0 minutes ago)*THE COST OF A HAPPY HOME*I want to share this article because it has some useful insights that might help someone in his or her relationship. Someone sent it to me to read, I'm just sharing it with you. Freely I received freely I give Lol Read it with an open mind and enjoy the read. When you see a happy couple, don't envy them or assume they are lucky to find each other. *There is no happy home anywhere* - if you see any be sure they were made. *Being a good person o
April 08, 2021
Hello, Wonderful Wealthy Affiliate Network team! I'm glad to be back. I hope I wasn't missed, since last week? I'm sorry so sorry! I've been offline because my laptop had some issues that just got resolved today. Hence I'm able to login to connect with you today. What a relief!Anyway, I will not hesitate to share with you some lessons I learned during these long 5 days of waiting anxiously to carry out my daily tasks online. Personally, I use my laptop primarily, so that makes it hard for me o
What is forgiveness?Have you ever been offended by someone you loved, trusted, respected, lived with before? I have. Also, have you ever had to deal with someone who constantly provokes your anger? I bet some of us have. Let me flip the question, and ask, have you offended another person before? Be it your spouse, children, family, and so forth? Well, that’s why everybody needs forgiveness! Let us have a brief overview of Forgiveness in this post. I know that this is a perfect time to ref
Learning How to Adjust and Tweak Our Goals "There are many ways one can get out of the ruts of boredom and mediocrity before running out of road." And also, note that "It is not how much you have but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness." It’s good to be ambitious and to work hard in other to achieve our ambitions. And I have confidence that we will achieve our dreams once we are ready to pay the price just like people who have gone before us. Not only, but have the people have left u
March 16, 2021
Today, after reading a post by one of us here in WA; I was inspired and the word that registered to my mind was Never giving up hope no matter how long it takes for you to see results. And that’s what has prompted me to write on this topic today. The author of the post narrated how he promoted a product for 13 months but made no income from it. But later, things changed, from zero to $15/mon, to $1,083 + currently $100/month recurring commissions, this is from a product he had lost hope