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I shall be Happy Some Day When are you planning to be happy? At what point in your life do you envisage your happiness? This is the question I have to ask myself some time ago. Sadly, many people are continually postponing their happiness indefinitely. Why? Because we are setting some kind of time frame for when we can be happy. Some keep on convincing themselves by saying, “One of these days I will be happy.” Or “Someday I’ll be happy.” And do you know the someday
August 25, 2021
What Is Really Important?Have you seen how busy the roads are during this summer? The worst is that everyone is driving as if the world is ending tomorrow! Why all these girigry life going o?; I can’t help but ask what is really important in life or do I say today’s life? Today, I want us to reflect on this question, “What is really important? This is a question that we really need to ask ourselves at least once in a while. Considering the chaotic life we are living today. Th
August 20, 2021
Tell the TruthAs parents, teachers, counselors, advisers, coaches, mentors, or whatever position we occupy, we have the responsibility, to tell the truth, and to encourage others to do so. Let the best advice you give people be, to tell the truth, all the time. It pays to tell the truth. Today, as I look at our lives and relationships, so many relationships are infected with lies. Consequently, many of our relationships these days are no longer what they use to be because they have been infect
August 14, 2021
Can You Be Offline and Still Enjoy Yourself?It seems everyone is getting addicted to technology these days. Some of us are so addicted to our devices that taking a break leaves us feeling lonely even while with a crowd. We have become so attached to our phones or any other devices that we feel unsettled and funny unless we get connected to our devices 24/7. I traveled last week with my family to Florida. Unfortunately, the hotel we lodged charges so outrageously for its internet services. So yo
August 09, 2021
Sometimes, it is a good idea to garnish our writings and speeches with idioms. Idioms have universal usage. Meaning that every language and culture has it. And oftentimes, we misunderstand the idiomatic expressions, mostly when we don’t understand the language. Historically, idioms originate from different sources. Other sources of idioms came from the Native Americans originated, such expressions as “bury the hatchet. While African Americans were the original users of “chill
Whatever the past Mistakes are, we are to learn from them and put them behind us. Put them behind you and move forward. There is no value in starring at the mistakes of the past longer than necessary. And this quote is relevant to the point I'm trying to make. It says "When you make a mistake, don't look back at it long. Take the reason for the thing into your mind and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power." Hugh White.A
August 02, 2021
Being Authentic What does it Mean?Maybe I should ask you, what is your definition of authenticity? Authenticity is one of the most popular words used these days. I like how one writer defined it. He said that “Authenticity is what separates the genuinely loving person from the person who merely wants to be seen as loving.” Don’t you consider that description powerful? So, with this description in mind, do you have friends, relations, associates, colleagues you can confidently
July 28, 2021
How Do You Start Your Morning?How do you currently start your day? I remember one of the great motivational legends - Zig Ziglar once joked with his audience that he wakes up in the morning and reads his Bible first, and then he will read the local paper. So that he will know what both sides are up to." LoHow about you? What do you do in the first 20 minutes of your morning?. Because the early morning habits we practice set the foundation for a happy, or less stressful day for us. That means
July 26, 2021
I don't know how to express my feelings about how unmotivated I felt the whole of last week. I will sit in front of my laptop and felt so blank. I was unable to write any full sentences. It was so bad that I could not just write cohesively. I tried giving comments to other people's posts, and that also met some resistance. I felt paralyzed, stuck as if I needed to call yell for help to be rescued.And where it really got me thinking was that it wasn't just a few hours or a one-day experience...
July 19, 2021
Our Learning continues, as far as there is still night and day. We will never be tired of learning; for therein lies understanding and wisdom of how to live a successful life in all areas of life. . For we all are students of life University, as one of us here in WA described it for me in her comment.Today, I want to share with us some lessons I have learned over the few days...What I Have Learned I have learned that the fear of rejection is so rampant and that loneliness is one of the dangerou