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Last Update: April 29, 2022

Hello Wealthy Community!

It's been a while. I'm sorry I took French leave. I know a lot has been going on, and will definitely continue to go on. But today, I just want to briefly talk about money; with a different approach.

I like a Russian Proverbs that says, "When money speaks, the truth keeps silent." I believe that the Russians got this right. Money can intimidate, it can silence people's voices. And take away their freedom subtly.

Money Talks

There is no denying that money talks to all of us. To some it controls them. We can admit it or shun it. For so many people, their self-esteem is based on their income, how much they are earning, they are spending, or stuffing the banks with, nothing more. As we know how crazy the online world has become just because some people smelt success. Everyone is chasing it with no reservation.

At least, we can't ignore the lavishing non-stop ads, the success sirens from colleagues, the seminars, all pushing us that we must achieve more, earn more, otherwise, they label us a failure. Ummm, so, as we hear the message loud and clear, we're pushing ourselves sometimes beyond the limit just to earn more, accumulate more stuff, and more money, with little or no time to use it to take care of ourselves. What a dilemma!

There Must Be a Balance

We have to apply knowledge and understanding in the way we chase after money, wealth, popularity, and power at the peril of our health, real happiness, and other important things. For instance, family, friends, faith, or spiritual life. One of the elements of self-esteem is to know where to draw the line, and keep boundaries. Life is not best lived when its value is placed on things, money over people or life. Unfortunately, that's what so many do, consequently, many have lost the ability to relax more, worry less, smile, and laugh naturally.

Remember, I stated earlier that we all need money, but we may need it for obvious reasons, whatever the reason, let me respectfully add that money can't buy us so many things that are not on sale. For instance, your health, your peace, your family unity, and your relationship with the Higher Power. We have to decide not to be intimidated by money's power. Let us remember that we are growing older, at least some of us. Let us live wisely to enjoy our lives when we can - NOW.

Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very wise words, indeed, Sarah!

I have enough to be happy enough.

favorme Premium
Thank you so much, Jeff, for your comment. Greatly appreciate it.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
You're very welcome, Sarah! Have a wonderful new week!