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Last Update: December 09, 2021

Hello Wealthy Affiliate intellectuals, great thinkers, and talented counselors, I send my greetings!

Today, I have another very important question that I will appreciate your contributions in helping us to know how to handle. You know, these days so many people are dealing with a lot of issues at different levels

Many without being told have a lot of unexpressed feelings, and that's why the depression rate keeps rising; because some are struggling and ridden with the anxiety of self-identity. How best to define their lives in the complicated, and competitive world of today. So, part of the solution and help we can offer should be knowledge-based and experience-based. I hope you got me right? Great!

So, here is a very important question, someone asked a counselor. I'm sharing it because I believe that two heads are better than one.

QUESTION: "Should a college-educated woman feel that she has wasted her training if she chooses not to use it professionally?

Yeah, what advice will give to any girl or woman who feels this way. Who feels that there is no need of going to university to obtain a degree, while she will wind up raising her kids? Let us get your thoughtful and honest contributions.

As always, thanks in anticipation for your valuable comments!

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Stragglewise Premium
I have training/licenses that I don't use. I am often tempted to have regrets, but I remember that the time I spent getting them I would not want to forget the memories of.

And if she chooses not to use it professionally, she must have reasons, and she doesn't have to explain herself to anybody.

Besides that, I'm sure the knowledge she gained is not useless. Or if the knowledge was false, at least it was realized. I have had "education" where I knew it was all lies, but recognizing the lies as lies left me with the truth!

It may have been an expensive lesson, financially, as well as time-wise, but I could have ended up learning it a harder way, or not at all!

I hope this is in some way relevant to the situation you are talking about. :)

favorme Premium
Hi Craig, thanks for your candid contribution. Yes, you made some relevant points to the question. But can you throw more light on what you referred to as "false education, or all lies?" I'm just curious to get a better understanding of how that is.
Again, thanks for your comment.
Stragglewise Premium
Let me just say that I have found the education system in general to be poison to the mind and tools for brainwashing / social engineering to ultimately enslave humanity. I should say that the education system is one arm of the octopus, these days, for that purpose.

Yes, I know that I am what many would call a conspiracy theorist, like that was a bad thing. In fact, they are no longer theories, as they once were. There is evidence everywhere, in plain sight, for anybody with courage enough to look.

Well... you asked! :D

I am talking about the Narrow gate vs; the wide one.
emarla Premium
I love education and I think knowledge is power. The more we know the better we do in life. However, college in the U.S. has gotten so incredibly expensive and many millennials are having difficulty launching as they are so bogged down with student loan debt. There has to be a better way! Education is so important!

favorme Premium
Hi Erlene, Thanks a lot for giving your voice to this question. I endorse your perception. Education, as you alluded, is very necessary for so many good reasons. One of them is
that any investment to gain knowledge is a worthy investment.

Anybody regardless of gender, age, and culture that has the opportunity and the desire to learn should not hesitate. While we hope that the government should fight to make it affordable for everyone, to reverse the student loan burdens.

Thanks, Erlene, for your excellent contribution.
Zoopie Premium
No she shouldn’t feel like that time has been wasted. However in these days and times it is a good idea to get degree qualified as most companies will require it. Even if she or he decides to buil their own business, people will show greater respect for someone who has a degree.

favorme Premium
Hi Stephen, and thanks so much for your excellent contribution. No education is wasted. because it always adds value to the individual.

Education doesn't only prepare a person for a particular line of work. As important as that is, a University degree helps for our intellectual development.

By broadening our intellectual faculty. The decision to use one's degree to work outside the home is and should be a personal decision because you own the degree.
muslimah Premium
It all depends on her, but I prefer she gets a degree. Then, she can study what she has a passion for because it will be no use if she's not interested.
Alternatively, she may opt-in for professional courses. It's always good to always have an alternative; no one can predict what happens tomorrow.
What's important is for her to follow her passion.
favorme Premium
Hi Muslimah, I totally agree with your prospect. Get the degree first, and it's equally important that the degree will be based on the areas of your interest and life's purpose if you're aware of what you want to really do with your life.
Thanks again for your candid input.
muslimah Premium
You are welcome.
Stanleycmng Premium Plus
A degree is always a worthwhile pursue. Education is never wasted. The degree is a “qualification.” What one choose to do is a decision at some point in time and may carry on for a period of time. Circumstances changes over time and when you face these changes, that degree may be very useful.
favorme Premium
Hi Stanley, thanks so much for giving your perspective on this question. I really appreciate your understanding of the question. The key point is that advanced education has greater value for both men and women.

Higher education empowers your economic advancement, all things being equal. It adds to your value, self-esteem, and gives your a better knowledge about life generally.

However, following your line of thought, it is left as an individual's choice based on his or her purpose, and passion to determine the best way to make good use of the education to benefit self and others.