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Last Update: March 10, 2022

I have thoughtfully combined this shortlist, which will help to enhance our personal growth. Hopefully, you can pick one or two useful tips from the list. Enjoy it.

Consider the following:

1. Make out time with people who are emotionally healthy and who can add to your emotional fitness.

2. Giving yourself credit for your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly accomplishments, and being patient about the things yet to be done or accomplished.

3. Learning how to slow down to live each day as gratefully as you can, and not trying to solve all the world's problems all alone.

4. Being willing to give and receive compliments and help from others.

5. Reading books that will contribute to your personal growth.

6. Being humble and compassionate towards others.

7.Adding smiles and laughter as frequently as you can.

8. Making time for meditation, reflection, and prayer.

I will keep it as simple as this. Even though it seems simple but not really; being an action-oriented list, you have to take these actions as you continue to enhance your life to see your best version. No matter who we are, we all need to be adding to our self-esteem and not withdraw from it.

So don't think that you don't need to work on your self-esteem. We all do, you never heard of a person with too much self-esteem.

So we have to pay attention to things that nurture our lives and our dreams. As we invest to grow our businesses let us in a similar way invest in our self-growth, very important.

Thanks for giving me your attention. As always, comment/Like, and question.

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FKelso Premium Plus
That's a good list. It caused me to consider carefully if I'm doing those things or not. It's reminders like yours that help us be our best selves.
favorme Premium
Hi Fran, I highly appreciate your time. Thanks for your kind comment.
Have a blessed weekend!
Zoopie Premium
Number 3 is the hardest for me. Probably that old work ethic thing about going strong etc.
working towards on that one.
favorme Premium
Hi, Stephen, you're not alone on that one. Thanks for your candid comment. Highly appreciate it.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
There's a few things on that list of yours that I already do, Sarah! Thanks for the resources and the important message!

favorme Premium
Jeff, thanks so much for your honest comment. Greatly appreciate it.
Have a wonderful weekend!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
You're very welcome, Sarah!

Have an excellent evening and an even GREATER Frisatsu!