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Last Update: August 20, 2021

Tell the Truth

As parents, teachers, counselors, advisers, coaches, mentors, or whatever position we occupy, we have the responsibility, to tell the truth, and to encourage others to do so. Let the best advice you give people be, to tell the truth, all the time. It pays to tell the truth. Today, as I look at our lives and relationships, so many relationships are infected with lies.

Consequently, many of our relationships these days are no longer what they use to be because they have been infected with lie infection. I owe a debt of gratitude to my late father Elder Abraham, for teaching me and my siblings the importance of truth-telling by both his words and actions.

He made it known to us the benefits of honesty, in the end, he will always say, "A good name is better than gold. I wonder how many people will give a damn to such cliché.

I strongly believe that honesty is not only morally right, it’s efficient, productive, and profitable in every way. How I wish I have a better way to say it.

Benefits of Truth-Telling

Take for an instance, in a culture or a system where everyone tells each other the truth; there will be less time, and resources spent in double-checking, or “Keeping them Honest” like Anderson Cooper’s program.

There will be fewer lawsuits, fewer conspiracy theories, and fewer promoters of fakeness because people want nothing but the truth. That means that critical issues like deadly infections like Covid-19 Pandemic and the Covid-19 vaccines information and guidelines should not have as much resistance and other various setbacks and confusion and suspicion, nor be politicized and manipulated by politicians or any elected officials. Instead, everyone will care about and defend the truth no matter the party in power.

How do you feel about the craziness going on online? All kinds of fraudulent activities, scams, exploitations. All in the name of online trading. Hardily we see service or receive a valuable service as before. Everything has been converted to work, for marketing. and profiteering. No longer free online stuff.Why so?

We all can see the massive deceits, going on; many wolves in sheep clothing. I hope we’re watchful.? Society is changing dramatically! Why all this madness, loss of morality, is it just to make money, to be successful? Can’t we allow the means to justify the end?

Instead of the other way.

Some Reasons Why People Lie

Many people lie for lots of reasons, often because it seems like a convenient way to get what they want without investing much effort or resources.

They lie just to cut corners and take the shortcuts to acquire the so-called success. They lie because it seems trendy. Also, People lie to cover their inadequacies, Past failures, and disappointments. Others may also lie or be trading on lies just to pay it backward instead of paying it forward. In other words, they feel wronged by society, or by their environment.

Well, whatever reasons that make some people become habitual liars, deceivers, untrustworthy, unreliable, double-faced, they should realize that like many short-term strategies, it will not be sustainable, in the long-term, their strategies will become ineffective and put them in danger. To some, it can cost them to lose big time whatever so-called gain, wealth acquired wrongfully.

It is always good to remember that some people can only be deceived once, then if you run into them again, or they run into you, either way, they will remember you lied to them; they will remember how you run your business, your relationships, and avoid you or even spread your

Bad news to others in order to save others from falling victim to your schemes. And at least this should constrain or deter people from lying. Unfortunately, most people who have told lies think they have gotten away with it. I doubt it.

I write this to remind us that It is better to grow gradually, follow the right process, be patient and be authentic in all your dealings. I’m sorry I can’t express the points I want. But if you find this useful, please as always join the discussion.

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Jocelyn30 Premium

Nice sharing about lie, or not telling the truth, i would like to share what my parents told us when we are growing.

when you tell the truth you, even 1000x asking or people ask you it is only one answer, but if you tell lie you constantly changing your story and look different story and in the end you are caught and no one will trust you no more!

No one will suffer but you:) in the end so better stick to the truth!

Dadaz123 Premium
Great post, Favorme! There's so much fakery and little authenticity around. It makes it doubly difficult to know whom to trust! We'll continue to model the truth to our kids so they can in turn model it to their kids. That's all you and I can do in a fallen world.
favorme Premium
Dadaz, thanks so very much for your candid comment, understanding, and your recommendation. Well stated. We can't lose hope, but as you rightly said, we will keep on modeling the change we need to see in our kids and others.
Again, thanks for sharing your thought.
Have a blessed weekend!
Debbi26 Premium
I always told my kids that if they tell me the truth, they may get into trouble BUT if I discover a lie, then they get double punishment. The thing is, they knew I meant it.

We are living in a time when there is nothing but lies all around us and it will be our demise for those who listen. There IS someone who knows ALL the truth though!

We just have to search our hearts and do what we feel is right morally and ethically.

favorme Premium
Debie, you've stated in a very powerful tone. Quite striking statement. Totally agree with you that, "we just have to search our hearts and do what is morally and ethically right." The notion of if you can't change them join them is a recommendation for disaster! Somebody must have the gut, to tell the truth, and damn the consequences!
JeannineC Premium
You did touch on a hornet's nest with referring to Covid-19 and vaccines. Don't assume you know who is telling the truth. Remember the infamous line, "never let a crisis go to waste."
favorme Premium
Jean, I got the message! No matter the nature of the crisis, some people always have an ax to grind. Provided there's a deal to make who cares.
Jean, thanks so much for your insight.
ElodieF4321 Premium
Great post post I hope people will take heed and emulate some of the things said.
favorme Premium
Elodie, thanks so much for your kind comment. I hope so too.
I wonder the kind of legacy our children and grandchildren will receive from us.