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Last Update: Nov 23, 2021

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Are You Grateful?

I assume that in every culture, society, family, that we understand the language of gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness. Thank you is a common but very powerful expression. Unfortunately, many still don’t know how to give thanks.

For most of us at a very early we were thought to say “Thank You”, whenever we’re giving a gift, or finished eating a meal. This reminds me of my interactions with my grandchildren; they’re always fascinated with getting a gift from me no matter what it is.

You know what is funny is that once they got it, in a hurry to open the gift or play with the item, they will forget to say thank you immediately because of their curiosity to just have the item.

Then, I will stop him or her with the gift and say, “What do you say?” And here comes the resounding response ‘THANK YOU, GRANDMA!” I tell you; it is at this point that both me the giver and the receivers of my gifts feel the joy.

My point in this short post is to remind us that it is very important, of course, for us to express our appreciation, and thankfulness for the kindness, generosity, and love of others towards us. Including the gift of life.

Count Your Blessings

You know all you are supposed to be thankful for. No matter how big or small, how old, or current, we owe people who have been good to us in one way or the other appreciation.

If for any reason we have forgotten or trivialized such gifts, and services from friends, family members, associates, this is another opportunity to make the phone calls, send the thank you texts or emojis to acknowledge heartily such gestures. Greed breeds ungratefulness and must be eschewed.

And moreover, we owe it as a debt to our higher power, Cosmos, Allah, God, or whatever you prefer to call the creator.

It is important regardless of our religion, to regularly appreciate the gift of life and all that it takes to sustain it. For me as a believer in God, I return every thankfulness to Him, because of His protection, and provisions daily.

I remain ever grateful to Him, for my family, friends, and all of you here whose exemplary work ethics, and kindness to me have been a great source of energy to me.

Practice the Golden Rule

However, let me put it this way, when we do something for anyone, anywhere, anytime, we naturally, or somehow expect some sort of appreciation, acknowledgment with an expression of gratitude.

I believe that there are some of us who will feel disrespected, feel hurt, discouraged, when we didn’t receive the considered due thanksgiving or appreciation from the receiver of our service, gift, kindness, etc.

It doesn’t matter if it comes from our parents, spouse, children, friend, colleagues, and so forth. The understanding is that we have to do to others what we expect others to do unto us. Also, giving thanks always to the Higher power – God is our human way of acknowledging His greatness and love.

So, I, therefore, encourage us as we enter these festive periods, to be grateful intentionally. Show gratitude for all you’ve received, achieved, and will achieve, more importantly for being alive, and healthy give thanks!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving for you and your family!

Recent Comments


You've given a good and timely reminder. Yes, being thankful and grateful are two very important parts of our own well-being. We feel better when we express thanks or gratitude, because our inner being recognizes that importance.

Hi Fran! thanks for your valuable and kind contribution to this discussion. I appreciate it.
Have a wonderful season!

This post if filled with very powerful and true messages, Sarah! Thank you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Jeff, thanks, for being gracious always. I appreciate you!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

You're very welcome, Sarah! Have a Happy Thanksgiving too, my friend!


It's good to always appreciate others' gestures towards us regardless of the size.
Thank you is one of the magic words in my house; I enjoy saying it.
Thank you for the reminder.

Thank you Muslimah, for your valuable comment. You got it, "Thank you" is one of the magic words we must use liberally; the other two are:" I am sorry,, and Please." using them regularly works like magic in relationships.
Once again, thanks so much!

A wonderful post. Thinking of others is a gift.

Hi Stephen, thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words as always.
Remain blessed!

Sara, thank you for sharing that beautiful story of the value of thankfulness spoken or written in appreciation of an act of generosity or kindness. You took us from childhood to old in age and expression and included to the One who made us and put us here.
This was a lovely reminder of Thanks Living,all year around, and not just at Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all those you love1 I really enjoyed this read.
Thanks again,

Suzay, I greatly appreciate your gracious comment. I can see that you're a woman of a grateful heart.
Thanks again, and wishing you the same!

Sara chain of hearts is reflecting your inner beauty as well!

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